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Did You Meet YARA

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يارا الجدايلها شقر
الفيهن بيتمرجح عمر
و كل نجمة تبوح بسرارا ... يارا
يارا الغفى عا زندا خيا الزغير
و ضلت تغني و الدني حدا تطير
و الرياح تدوزن وتارا ... يارا
الحلوي الحلوايي تعبو زنودا
و نتفي اصفروا خدودا
و بإيدا نعست الأسوارة
و لمن إجت يارا تحط خيا بالسرير
تصلي يا ربي صيرو خيي كبير
و للسما ديها هاك الدين الحرير
انلمت الشمس و عبت زوارا

Yara ... with her golden curls

In them swings a lifetime

every star is telling its secret : Yara

Her young brother slept on her hand

She kept singing with the world flying around her

the wind is tuning its strings :Yara

The beautiful girl's hands are tiered

a little more , her cheeks turned a little yellow

and in her hand the bracelet began to fall aspleep

and when she went to put her brother to bed

She prayed "Oh God ! be with my brother as he grows up"

her satin  hands stretched towards the sky

the sun gathered in her loincloth (the sun was gathered, and it fill her apron)


Written by the most prominent Lebanese Poet and the pioneer of the renovation of arabic poetry , Said Akl , the song of Yara is dear to Fairouz , she sang it during her first interview with Miterrand in the 80's during "Du COTE de chez Frederic" , this song  is a small prayer of a girl tucking her brother in the bed , a lullaby , but a lullaby from the east , which ends with a prayer to GOD , like to prayer of every Lebanese Mother to her child every night when she goes to sleep , reminding us of the presence of GOD in everything in our life every second , every song, everything in our life should be a prayer and a glorification to GOD.




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