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A Dream Of Freedom

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طلعنا .... تحرّرنا
طلعنا على الضو
طلعنا على الريح
طلعنا على الشمس
طلعنا على الحرية

يا حرية يا شجرة نارية
يا طفلة وحشيّة يا حرية

صرّخوا عالعالي على العالي
اركضوا بالحقالي على العالي
قولوا للحرّية نحنا جينا و افرحوا
يا ليل يا حبّ يا دروب يا احجار
الحقونا عالشجرة البرّيّة

غيّروا أساميكم إذا فيكم
و لون عيونكم إذا فيكم
خبّوا حرّيتكم بجيابكم و اهربوا
ع الضوّ عالريح ع الشمس ع البرد
ع بيادر مضويّه و منسيّه

Here we rise , We are free

Here we rise to the light , to the wind , to the sun , to the Freedom

Oh Freedom , you burning bush , a wild child you are

Shout loudly high to the ultimate distances

run in the fields to the ultimate distances

tell the Freedom "we have come" and rejoice

Oh Night , oh Night OH Roads Oh Stones !

Follow us to the wild tree

Change your names if you can ,

the color of your eyes if you can

Hide your freedom in your pockets and run away

Run to the light , to the the wind to the sun to the cold

to forgotten areas of Light

Run Away


This is the song of the prisoners running away in the play "Guardian of the Keys" Natourat al Mafateeh, in this play the King imposes on his people unjustified 50% taxes , the people , fed up with the king , choose to leave , no one remains but Zad el Khair ( Fairouz) who is now the only reason for the king to be a king , a king without people , that doesn't exist , so in this scene the king is liberating all the prisoners in order to rule over them and make them his people , most of this king's prisoners were intellectuals and wise men ( like what is happening now in most Arab countries rules by dynasties) , when freed , these prisoners will run away too , but in there song if we read every word there are not really running away to another country , but to another concept of freedom , to another area of resistance , so we see here that these prisoners song is nothing but a resistance anthem , but a resistance with different weapons , mind weapons , the rahbani Brothers had this vision , and already there was a people who had left his country because unjustly he had to pay 50% , and share his home Land , and 50 years after this song was made , did the Arab world understand its message , or are the Arabs going to sell there brothers again to please authorities coming all the way from another continent to save the rule of a dynasty that does not represent its people , shall just run away , and sell our brothers or shall we walk to the light ?


Hope you like this wallpaper , and that you use it on your PC and remember , we are free , we just need to make use of our freedom . But also Don't forget that if we are free to do every thing , yet not every thing is useful .




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