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The Prayer In The Rahbani Plays

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يالله يالله يالله يالله

واسع بابك واسع عالدنية كلّها

يالله يالله يالله يالله

ضوّ نهارك طالع و الرّزقة هالله

شمس المطالع باب الواسع

و الضوّ الطّالع طالع و مشينا و يالله


فرحك عطيّه و كرمك دار

و كنوزك غنيّه و إيدينا صغار

لا إنت بتمنع و لا نحنا منشبع

يا بحر الكرم الأوسع

Oh Dieu !Oh Dieu! ( Allons y !)

Votre Porte est ouverte sur le Monde

Oh Dieu !Oh Dieu! Allons!( Allons y !)

LA Lumière de Votre Jour est Là et nous allons gagner notre pain

Soleil des Levants , Grande Porte

Lumière qui se lève , allons y , marchons


Votre Joie, quelle don , votre générosité, est notre maison

Vos trésors sont immenses , et nos mains sont petites

Vous n'empêchez jamais , et nous ne nous rassasions jamais

Oh Grande mer de générosité

Oh God ! Oh God ! ( Let's Go)

Your Door is widly open on this world

Oh God ! Oh God ! ( Let's Go)

The Light of your day is shining as we seek our daily bread

Sun of the Levants , Wide door

Shining light , Let's go


Your Joy is a gift , your generosity is our home

your treasure are huge, and our hands are small

you never stop giving , we never have enough

You Widest sea of generosity



Dear Friends

may I start by asking your forgiveness if my french translation isn't very good , well not better than my english one :-) , but it is a little attempt to reach to those who don't understand arabic and don't know what they are missing .

In this song , the rahbanis reflect on the common Lebanese persons , this the first song in the play ( Al Chakhs )  = VIP , it is the song of the vegetable vendors in the morning in the market , this song is more a prayer than it is a song , because in the oriental language the name of GOD is present in every conversation , even without wanting it , try to listen to any of those vendors who pass by your house trying to sell vegetables on their chariots , their words are closer to a prayer than they are to a publicity speech .

But we must note here the fact that the Rahbanis are here using a philosophical concept that was first issued by the indian philosopher ( Taghor ) :

Your gifts are endless oh Lord , and my hands are so small , but keep pouring , for the days shall end and there will remain emptyness in my hands  .

But the wisdom of the rahbanis here comes in the fact that they knew how to mold and present this philosophy in the words of the purest human figure , a vegetable salesman in the market . As if it is a call from the rahbanis to us to look around and search for God in the words of everyone around us.


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