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Happy Valentine

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If the earth is round my Love

We shall meet again my Love

we will meet in a house , in the shadow of an old vault

If the earth in round of my Love

You can't imagine How hard it was to try to choose between the Fairouz songs a song about Love , for Saint Valentine's day .

All the Love songs Fairouz has interpreted are pieces of rare fine art , but this 2 verses simple song , with a great music , and huge meaning knit in the simplicity of the words reflects the brightness of the Rahbanis , and when performed in the voice of the most glamorous artist on the face of earth , this song becomes to me the most beautiful song ever .

If you notice I used for my wallpaper , an image by MC Escher , The Drawing Hands , symbolizing , the endless recreation of Hope from itself , the first notion of replication in the world before the discovery of the DNA , yet very similar to the concept of this song , walking until we meet , an endless search for an endless love .


I hope on the valentines Day you will take some time to pray for God hoping he will be the other face of your Love .


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