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By the Bridge of the Almond Trees .

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من كلمات الأخوين رحباني و ألحان فيليمون وهبه

على جسر اللوزيّه تحت وراق الفيّه
هب الغربي و طاب النوم و أخدتنا الغفويّه
و سألوا كتير عليّ على جسر اللوزيّه
هب الغربي و طاب النوم ندهونا و ما وعينا
لامونا و شو نفع اللوم غصبا عنا غفينا
يا حبايبنا خطيّه لا تلومونا خطيّه
و كل يوم بينطرنا يوم على جسر اللوزيّه
يا حبيبي تنينتنا غرب ليل و درب بعيدي
رح يسرقني عتم الدرب هدّي إيد  بإيدي
تاخدنا سهريّه و ترجعنا سهريّه
و هنّ يروحوا و نحنا نضل على جسر اللوزيّه

By the bridge of the Almond tree , under the shadows of the leaves

we both fell asleep in the western Breeze

And they asked a lot about me , by the bridge of the Almond tree

We fell asleep with the blowing wind , they called on us , we never rose

They blamed us , what good is blaming

We Fell asleep in spite of us

Dear friends do not blame us

Each day we look for another one , on the bridge of the Almond tree


My Love , we are strangers , in the night , on a far away road

The night is taking me away , keep your hand in mine

AN evening takes us away , another brings us back

They will all leave and we shall remain , on the bridge by t he Almond tree


Philimon whebeh couldn't read the notes , he made music in his head , yet he offered Fairouz the best of her songs , and it always came with the same style rahbani poems , poems from the old village ( which still exist any way ) . At first when you read the poem , you see it as an innocent story of village pure love , but if we took a little time , we might wonder , what the hell were those two doing in the night under the bridge , who cares if there was an almond tree or a western breeze , yet the lovers will easily answer us , "they will all leave and we shall remain , in our own paradise , the paradise that we are able to create , even in a far away village under a bridge , by the almond trees " , and I admit it is a great location , we have an almond tree in our field in the village , and in May the only sight of the beautiful blossoms takes me , far away .

If you like this song (click her to download the audio clip in the background ) , you can find it in the Album "Ya Rayeh" or in the operetta "Qasidat Hobb"



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