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Take me to that Dream Village :

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من كلمات و ألحان الأخوين رحباني

خدني على تلاتها الحلوي

خدني على الأرض اللي ربّتنا

انساني على حفافي العنب و التين

اشلحني على ترابات ضيعتنا

بواب العتيقة عم تلوّحلي

و صوت النهورة بينده الغيّاب

و عيون عا شبابيك تشرحلي

اصحاب عم بتقول نحنا اصحاب


و إمشي على طرقات منسيّه

دنية غياب و رح يبيت الطير

انطر شي إيد تسلّم عليّ

شي صوت عم بيقول .... مسا الخير


خدني ازرعني بأرض لبنان

بابيت يللي ناطر التلّة

أفتح الباب و بوّس الحيطان

و إركع تحت أحلى سما و ..... صلّي


Take me to those beautiful hills

Take me to the land that raised us

Forget me in the meadows of figs and grapes

lay me on the soil of our village

The old doors are waving at me

The voice of the rivers is calling for the absents

The eyes at the windows are explaining to me

Friends we are they say, we are your friends


And I walk on forgotten roads

It is the dusk and the birds are gone to sleep

I look for a hand to shake mine

For a voice saying: good evening


Take me plant me in the earth of Lebanon

In a house that guards the hill

Shall I open the door and kiss the walls

And kneel under the most beautiful sky

And pray



Emmène moi vers ces belles collines

Emmène moi vers la terre qui nous a élevé

Oublie moi entre les figuiers et les vignes

Pose moi sur le sol de notre village

Les anciennes portes m'appellent

Les rivières appellent ceux qui sont parties

Des yeux sur les fenêtres m'expliquent

Deux amis nous sommes, des amis


Je marche sur des chemins oubliés

C'est le crépuscule, les oiseaux s'endorment

J'attends qu'une voix me salue

Qu'elle me souhaite un bon soir


Emmène moi, me planter au sol du Liban

Dans la maison veillant sur la colline

J'ouvre la porte, j'embrasse les mures

Je me mets à genoux sous le plus beau des cieux

Et Je prie

The play "Qasidat Hobb" (a poem of Love ) was Rather a compilation of sketches and songs that the Rahbanis gathered in the voices of 3 pillars of the  Lebanese song , Fairouz , Chamseddine , and wadih el Safi , and it was the last show that didn't have a full plot , than came the great pieces of theater that gave the rahbanis their place as free thinkers , but still that play gathers the most beautiful and most patriotuc songs of Fairouz , from which I chose this song ,  a song that is present in almost all Fairouz Shows abroad , for the simple reason , it is simple , yet very expressive , a simple prayer of Love from a person to his village , I know I would like to say such words to my village in the south , a piece of Land that made a part of my history.


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