Frequently Asked Questions

A.....  Is there an entrance fee?

1.  at least 2 condoms

2. lube (if you are a bottom?)


B..... How do I get in?

1. press the apartment number on the key-pad

2.  talk into the camera

3. pull the door open - the security guard might do this for you...

4. take the lift and press the bell next to the door


C..... Things to bring with:

1.  a bag to keep your things in (unless you want someone to go home with your jocks)

2.  a towel (one that is easy to identify -like a beach towel - and plastic bag to put wet towel in after)

3.  condoms & lube

4.  anything else you think you might need... 


D..... You are also welcome to bring along friends


E..... Age of guys?
Youngest will be 21

25% of guys listed as in 20s
54% of guys listed as in 30s
19%  guys listed as in 40s
2 % guys listed as in 50s

Average age of all guys on the list and at Parties is 34

F..... What is the Ethnic mix?

47% of guys listed are Asian (Chinese, Japanese etc)
47% of guys listed are
2 % of guys is Hispanic
2 % of guys is South Asian (India)
% of guys is Black
% of guys is Middle Eastern / Arab
% of guys is Mixed Race