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"In this picture, I had use slow-shutter speed to capture the 'movement' of the people walking

inside the shopping mall. The people as foreground elements had suggested 'movement' against a 'static' background

of a beautiful model. Hereby created depth of the picture and also a strong contrast of 'movement' amd 'static'."


I like photography since when I was a small kid (using a compact camera then)...

Since then, photography became part of my life (I dun really take good pics really...LOL)...

I had setup a webpage here just to share with everyone my work...

be it you like it or hate it...send me a email at :-

(your comments kindly needed!)


Links :-

- Featuring some of the pics taken by me...

- Featuring some of the tools that I like using.

- A website (not by me) featuring some of the classic and modern cameras, great!!!


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