Istanbul, Turkey

Perhaps no city better symbolizes the conflict of East and West than Istanbul.  “Istanbul, was once Constantinople.”   The City that towers over the Bosphorus Strait is the only city on earth that can claim it has been the greatest city for both Christianity and Islam.  The fall of Constantinople was but one part of the Turkish expansion.  With its minarets and call to prayer many western writers have described Istanbul as the Gateway to Asia.  Coming from living in Damascus, Syria I saw this great city as a gateway into Europe.  I guess it’s all based upon your perspective.

Blue Mosque When Constantinople fell to the Turks under Mehmet II, the Turks were quick to put their stamp on their greatest prize.  When Mehmet II marched into the city he marched immediately to Hagia Sofia and changed the great church into a mosque.  The other great building of the city is the Blue Mosque built in the early 17th century and is just across a small plaza from Hagia Sofia.  Compared to the chunky and heavy Byzantine building right beside it, the Blue Mosque with its six slender minarets and cascading domes the building seems like a fairy tale.

Istanbul Fish Market     Turkish Chess Board    Pamukkale
In Istanbul's Markets                                            Sunset over  Pamukkale
Like all great Port Cities seafood           A Chess Board made for the                  Hours South of Istanbul are pools
plays an important role in the                 tourists reflects what age grabs                and hot springs the Romans once
life of the locals.  In one of the               visitor's imagination.                                bathed in.  
cities numerous markets a boy sells

Christian Fresco                                     Bosporus
A fresco in one of Istanbul's Churches                            Location, Location, Location: Bosporus
turned Mosque reminds the visitor that                            Because Modern Day Istanbul srawls on both sides of the Bosporus,
Istanbul's walls once protected a different faith.                and  likewise two continents, ferries constantly cross the waters as
                                                                                        part of the cities public transportation.

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