Hidden emotions If the Moors had forced the Spanish to convert to Islam perhaps the Catholics would never have retook the peninsula. 500 years is after all a long time to be conquered. It is not a coincidence that when the Spanish took the New World they attempted to destroy all aspects of the native religion and culture in order to solidify their control. In thier resistance to the Moors they had learned an important lesson.

The Next act watches the show             Showing off for the show         An old instrument       Toledo,the newly elected President, came on his second day in office to Cuzco. Toledo is the first full blooded person of indigenous descent to serve as President in Peru. The fact he choose to celebrate his un-official inauguration in Machu Picchu and celebrate in Cuzco, the Inca Capital carried huge symbolism for the people of indigenous descent. These images are part of the celebration the town threw for him in the Inca ruin just outside of town. The Dress of the performers, the music, and the location all are symbolic of how the Spanish were ultimately unsuccessful.

The Peruvian and Inca Flags wait for the President         Dancers         Collecting outside in the same manner as before the Spainsh Arrival    Pre-Hispanic Travel

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