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The Sims 2 : Nightlife
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The second expansion, The Sims 2: Nightlife, was released on September 13, 2005. Based loosely on the original Sims expansion Hot Date, it includes entertainment options like nightclubs, restaurants for romantic dinners, and bowling alleys, in a new neighborhood type called Downtown (much like the University Town in the first expansion pack). A new attraction system introduces turn-ons and turn-offs that cause Sims to be attracted to or disgusted by other Sims. Players will now be able to see other lots in the neighborhood from inside a lot. In addition, players can now own cars instead of taking the carpool.

Maxis also added vampires that bite sims, thus turning them into vampires as well. However, vampires can be entirely avoided if the player does not want to play with them.

Nightlife also added two new aspirations:

  1. Pleasure: Pleasure sims' wants are extremely variable as they seek only to enjoy life.
  2. Grilled Cheese: Accessed only by unsuccessfully using (using while in an aspiration level of green or lower) the ReNuYu Senso Orb. After receiving this aspiration, your Sim will want and fear nothing but things involving grilled cheese sandwiches. This can be fixed by re-using the ReNuYu Senso Orb when in gold or platinum aspiration.

A special car download (the HotRod Hauler Chop Socky Special) was available to those who preordered the game.