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i am Mariejun but i prefer to be called jun because its my nick and its not so-so-girly!!! I am 22 years old and born under the stars of Taurus.  I am the eldest, currently studying, a very optimistic person, happy, and always finds reason for everything that happens in my life.  I am a female but sometimes tell people that i ma gay bacause i love the gay people, in fact i have lots of gay friends.
I am eager to know more about vampires, and i love to sing, although my voice isnt that splendid enough.  I also wanna try dancing.hahaha... In my free time, you would probably caught me reading an Anne rice novel, or singing-listening to songs, or writing something.  I am interested in knowing different people.
I ahve a normal number of friends,not because i am snobbish or what but merely because im shy to approach people.  I shy away from rejection and that's holding me up from having friends. I have beautiful and happy friends, they are really nice.  I have a big family also.  I have four siblings and i love them sooo much.  They are 2 boys and 2 girls.  I am close with my secnd sibling, pane, she's my bestest ffriend( if there's a word for it.)  I also love my mom, though sometimes she tends to be a hard-headed mom. My family loves me very much, especially my mom.