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Isaac and Associates is Philamplan's newest agency, belonging to
the Manila South-2 Region. Managed by Millicent Joy C. Isaac, or
"Miss Joy" to her friends and colleagues, it is the result of her
lifelong dream to put into action the sum total of her sales

About the Agency Manager

"Miss Joy" has 22 years of solid experience in the field of
traditional and direct sales, both on the frontline and as part of
management. Her stint in companies such as Getz Corporation
(Max Factor), Rustan's Marketing Corporation (Lancome),
Mondragon Intl. (Naturelle) and Reine Marketing (Kanebo) has
given her experience in traditional retail sales in the field of
cosmetics and personal care. Various management positions in
companies such as International Good Housekeeping (home
care), Avant-Garde Int'l. (Corningware and Pyrex), Time-Life,
Phil. Inc. (books and magazines) particularly in direct sales gave
her extensive experience in the field of multi-level or network

Miss Joy's career reached a new high when she was hired by
Jockey Philippines (Finchley Designs) to put up the multi-level
marketing arm of its previously strictly traditional retail sales. As
the National Sales Manager, Miss Joy grew Jockey's direct selling
business from scratch to a P360 million enterprise in only 3 years.
Other subsequent high-level management positions held by Miss
Joy were Network Corporation of Asia (Barclay International) as
VP Sales Operations, Viking Cars Inc. (Volvo Conservatory) as
General Manager.

Having been through all levels of employment, from rank and file
employee to top manager, Miss Joy felt she needed to experience
the ultimate level of salesmanship, that of being your own
person, an entrepreneur. In 1999 Miss Joy joined the insurance
sector by becoming a Sales Unit Manager of Prumerica Life
Insurance Company, before joining Philamplans in July 2000 as
Assistant Vice-President and then giving it up to become the
Manager of her own Agency, Isaac & Associates.

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