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Featured Bird of Candaba 2: Philippine Duck (Anas luzonica)

In the composite photo above, the group led by Paralaya Barangay Captain Jimmy Gumabon, third from left, shows the immature Philippine Ducks that a farmer, second from left, rescued from python attack in a ricefield on May 23, 2006 while he was harvesting palay. The young dumaras, as the Philippine Duck is commonly known, could still not fly and were later released at the Candaba Wildlife Reserve, some 14 kilometers away, where they can be safer from predators.

The inset photo of the Philippine Duck was taken by Romy Ocon earlier this year in Candaba. The Philippine Duck is a mainstay in the Candaba Wildlife Reserve where it now breeds. To see more photos of the Philippine Duck by Romy Ocon in Candaba Swamp just follow the link found on the "Protecting the Migratory Birds" page of this website.

This bird species is normally sedentary, preferring freshwater lakes, marshes, and rivers where it can be found in small groups often with other species of surface-feeding ducks. It may breed all year round as there are records of ducklings in March, April, May, September, October and December. It may breed in isolated freshwater habitat including and, particularly, flooded ricefields like those in Candaba.

The Philippine Duck is a "vulnerable species" that is protected by law. Penalty for inflicting harm on this species may reach 4 years of imprisonment and/or a fine of 300,000 Philippine Pesos.