THE FLOOD OF AUG. 8-12, 2007


The Flood at a Glance

For the first time in 15 years, the 14 barangays of the Tagalog Region sharing boundary with Baliuag and San Ildefonso, Bulacan experienced flooding reaching 3 meters deep in some inhabited areas and much deeper in the ricefields.

The biggest single damage was the breached Maasim Dike within the boundary between Barangay Pulong Gubat, Candaba and San Ildefonso, Bulacan shown below that practically diverted the rushing floodwater from the Maasim River directly into the middle of the Candaba swamp where about half of the planted rice fields in the Tagalog Region at the time of the calamity were situated. Other portions were eroded in Vizal Sto. Niņo.

In the Kapampangan Region, the Malisic River overflowed eroding its protective dikes at four points at least. The overflowing floodwater affected the 8 barangays of this region that are newly planted to rice.

At the same time, the Pampanga River started to overflow at various points in the Poblacion Region threatening its 11 barangays, especially those lying along its banks.

The rushing floodwater coming from Bulacan not only damaged crops and agricultural infrastructure but school facilities as well.

In the Poblacion Region, the main road coming from Sta. Ana, Pampanga became unpassable to light vehicles. This road was scheduled to be upgraded by the DPWH this month.

While the Muncipality of Candaba already accomplished several improvement projects along the Baliuag-Candaba Road and the Salapungan-Paralaya Road that span the width of the Candaba Swamp the unimproved portions of these roads still disallowed passage of any type of vehicle during the flood.

As usual, those coming from the Kapampangan Region had to take the long route through Bulacan in going to the Poblacion, while those coming from the Tagalog Region had to pass through the neighboring town of San Luis, Pampanga.

Damage to rice and vegetable crops was initially estimated at P65 Million involving some 5,800 hectares. Damage to infrastructure, including dikes, farm-to-market roads, irrigation canals and schools was estimated at P105 Million. The breached Maasim Dike alone may need some P30 Million to reconstruct and improve.

The Municipality of Candaba declared a state of calamity and conducted selective evacuation among poor families threatened by the rising floodwater. An evacuation center at the Candaba Central Elementary School Annex, Poblacion, Candaba was operationalized but just for a day. Relief operation by the municipal government using its calamity fund was conducted on August 12, 2007 in the worst affected areas covering some 1,200 households.

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