Patron Saint of the Birds of Candaba, Pampanga

The feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino (St. Nicholas of Tolentino) every September 10 has been associated with the coming of the migratory tarat (Brown Shrike) in Candaba. The image of San Nicolas in Candaba with a bird on a platter on his hand is now under the care of the family of Mayor Pelayo and is honored with a procession during his feast day and the traditional giving out of San Nicolas cookies. It is said that San Nicolas is a vegetarian and once he was served a roasted fowl. Instead of eating it he made a sign of the cross over it and it flew away. Over 300 miracles are attributed to him. San Nicolas is honored during the Ibon-Ebon Festival of Candaba as the Patron Saint of the Candaba Birds and leads the street dancing in bird costumes on the first day.