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Welcome to visit

Gentlemen and Ladies Beauty Salon
website the place as your home

A wide range of beauty salons are available in Laos. They may range from your neighbor down the street who has opened a small one-chair business to accommodate her friends to an international standard establishment that uses brand name products. The staff employed by these salons range from relatively unskilled to a high level of skills.

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New Location we moved..
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The 1st Miss Apone Lao 2006?

25/11/06: ນາງສາວ ແກ້ວຈິນດາ ແກ້ວສຸລິຍາ ຄວ້າຕຳແຫນ່ງຊະນະເລີດ ແລະ ມົງກຸດເພັດໃນການ "ນາງສາວອາພອນລາວ
ລວມທັງຕຳແຫນ່ງນາງງາມມິດຕະພາບ ແລະ ຕຳແຫນ່ງນາງສາວອາພອນງາມໄປຄອງ
ອາຍຸ 21 ປີ ສັດສ່ວນ 34-25-37 ສູງ 168 ຊມ

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First Name :   Ta Ven Deang
Phone Number :    secret
E-mail Address :    meetlove322@hotmail.com
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Comment :   the sound interesting but the price same , hahaha, I would like to visit to make up my hair look like African style ,Rio Ferdinand cant you , hope will hear from you soon bye..

First Name :   thongbay
Phone Number :    856205805617
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Comment :   I am great to see your web I hope to a good for every body looking..

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ລົດລາຄາສັກຄິ້ວຖາວອນ ເຫລືອພຽວ 500.-ບ

ສະລີດ, ນວດໜ້າ, ອົບໄອ໌ນ້ຳແຕລະຄັ້ງ ສະສົມຄະແນນຄົບ 9 ຄັ້ງແຖມຟຣີ 1 ຄັ້ງ



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