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The Photographic Collection of Pudong, Huangpu, Shanghai & China CD-Rom.



Shanghai Stock Photos CD-Rom: US$8.00 / RM20.00nett Inclusive postage 

Shanghai Images CD-Rom contain over 1000 Digital images.JPG color pictures of

Pudong, Huangpu, buildings, architecture, shops, streets, railway station, subway stations, Long Tang/ Nong Tang, river, Shanghai food, culture, sights, fashion, Nanjing Road, Beijing Road, traffic, bicycle, motorcycle, restaurant, cinema, convenient store, fruit stall, supermarkets, art gallery, publishers, newsstands, animal/ cricket market, antiques streets, barber shops, electrical shops, airport, road signs, billboard, street sign, market, old town, photo shop, cafe, paramount, the city of Shanghai China. is based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia. 

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