Our Mission

                   MISSION STATEMENT for Europe Co-Asia Alliance (ECAA)

  We would want all Asians to work together, promote education and research, and build a safe and healthy environment for all.

  It is possible that this will not come about because some Asians will not care to consider their heritage and Asia as one. People will live and die, but the structure that exists will still be there unless someone takes it apart and change it for the better.

   With uncertainties lies ahead, and lack of guidance, people fear and dare not to reach out. It is impossible unless someone provide a candle light or open a path which will lead to improvements. How can we sit and wait till time ends, our times that is. What can we do about the rapid AID diseases spreading throughout Asia as a result of prostitutions? How can we stand knowing that Asia is poorer and lack recourses, when we ourselves left Asia because of the reasons which kills Asia itself as we are living else where now.

  Is it possible to call Asia our "home", to know that the corruption kills and hindered development? To know that Asia is behind, standing in the industrial world exploited by those in power and those that can afford to burden the very people that make a nation of Asian.

   Many of us, want to go to "Asia", and many of our parents want to die on "home" soil. It is too heavy of a burden to carry out the justices that Asia deserve a lone a group of students with no resources. Asia is branded "dictatorships, communist, impoverish nations, decayed". Until someone realizes all of this, and willing to stand out and stand with the tide of change then we can start to promote unity and shape the very development of the future together.

 To look at reality and say "it is not mine" is to turn an eye or turn around and walk the other way. Those that walk away from problems will soon face them in abundant multitudes which they can not handle and will fall victims to their own silent.

  For those that are left behind, for those that are suffering, for mothers that want their children to strive, for all that is deserving we as children shall work till we have satisfy all that is human to us.

  Wishing everyone joyous day, with meaningful discussions, and the aptitude to do well in everything.

 For those that are interested join our group and help lead meaningful discussions or share informationís and get to know one another as a community of Asian friends and colleagues everywhere around the surface of Hope and Peace for Asia in this world.

Code of inspiration

1. Having a friend to help out in a situation if you can not do it by yourself.
2. Learn from your mistakes by experimenting with your new conclusions.
3. Learn from others; take what is good and make it better in your situation.
4. Respect for everyone, most importantly respect for your parents and your own cultural values. You will deepen your knowledge and will rediscover yourself in a new and positive direction if you master your own cultural values and learn from your parents.
5. There is no shame, but honor. Do not give up, for every person that sits there are people that work. For every up there is a down, for every opportunity there is a lost of opportunity.
6. Working hard is not enough, you must work the right way.
7. When there is no door open, you may always open up a door of your own.

Must have in life

1. A teacher and an education.
2. A cultural value and a self definition of who we are.
3. Our code of conduct and how we treat society.
1. Be an honest person by telling the truth where needed.
2. Never do wrong, never close your eyes and pretend that there is no wrong.
3. Recognized the wrong and change it.
4. Never choose from a snake and a lesser snake. Reject both for they are not worthy to choose from.
5. Do not lower your standard of conduct for trade, which means do not sacrifice one for another.
6. Be open, be strong, and be determined.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you will enjoy. I am a Vietnamese person. Yes person and very honest too! I live in Sofia . I hope to travel all over Asia meeting new people, learning cultural ideas and people at the same time. My goals are to return to Asia and especially Viet Nam to share my ideas and believes with the people there and become friends. Currently I am tutoring Vietnamese adults in English at Worcester South East Asian Center.

Tran An

ECAA Board Director

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