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In this site you will find Coke Cans from Asian Countries such as , Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

The items displayed in this page are Commemorative Coke & other Soda Cans & items issued to mark special occasions by the Coca-cola Company. Almost all cans have both the English and the Malay language. The contents (ingredients) of the soda drink is always in the Malay language for the cans from Malaysia.

Please note that there are some cans from other countries such as Thailand and China. For those cans from Thailand or China, there will be Thai or Chinese Characters.

All cans are in good condition. No dents, scratches or damages unless otherwise specified. Cans are empty and top opened. Most cans are between 320 to 330 ml volume except for the Coke & Sprite Cans from China which has volume of 350 ml. Full can collectors can e-mail for more information. Please note that there are some light reflections especially at the top center of the cans; they are not dent or damages.

Choose The Cans You Like and The Quantity and Place Your Order Via E-Mail.

My e-mail address is : malaysiancollectibles@yahoo.com

These Commemorative Cans cost $2.90 each.

1. Coca-cola Can with Squirel (mascot) for the Sea Games held in Malaysia in 2001. 2. Coca-cola Can with Mascot holding hockey stick for the Sea Games held in Malaysia in 2001. 3. Coca-cola Can for Atheletics - Sea Games 2001 in Malaysia. 4. Coca-cola Can for Badminton - Sea Games 2001 in Malaysia. 5. Coca-cola Can for Music Is Life Ticket Contest 2001. 6. Coca-cola Can for Liverpool vs Thailand Football Game 2001. Sorry, no stock. 7. Coca-cola Can for China National Game 2001. Sorry, No More Stock. 8. Diet Coca-cola Can for $5.00 discount on Friend's CD. 9. Diet Coca-cola Can for $5.00 discount on Friend's Cd but the contest is over abd the wording of Friend 10. Coca-cola Can for Worldcup Football Finals - Ticket Contest 2002. 11. Coca-cola Can for Worldcup Footbal Finals Ticket Contest 2002- Cybershot. 12. Diet Coca-cola Can for Worldcup Footbal Finals Ticket Contest 2002. 13. Diet Coke Light. 14. Diet Coke - Light - Miss Malaysia/World 2002. SORRY NO STOCK. 15. Contest Coca-Cola Can for Malaysian TV V entry. 16. Worldcup Football can from Thailand with figures of 3 players. 17. Coke Light -  - Dicount for Friend's CD. 18. New Design Coke Can from Thailand. 19. Vanilla Flovoured Coke Can from Thailand. 20. New design Coke can from Malaysia. 21. Vanilla Coke issued to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Adil fitri from Malaysia. 21. This picture is the same as No.21 except that it show the design on both side of the can depicting CNY and Hari Raya.

Other Soda Cans By The Coca-Cola Company

101. Sprite  Extreme Terrain Cycling Can 2002. 102. Sprite  Extreme Terrain Skating Can 2002. 103. Sprite Worldcup Football Can 2002. 104. Sprite Contest Can from China. Wordings on Can are in Chinese Characters. Only 1 can left. 105. 100 Plus Sea Games 2001 - Badminton 106. 100 Plus Sea Games 2001 - Hockey 107. 100 Plus Sea Games 2001 - Squash 108. 100 Plus Sea Games 2001 - Karatae Do 109. 100 Plus Sea Games 2001 = Football 110. 100 Plus Sea Games 2001 - Gymnastics 111. Fanta Strawberry with 2002 Worldcup Football logo on it - This can is from Thailand. SORRY NO STOCK. 112. Fanta Orange with a question mark (?) on it - This can is from Thailand. 113. Sprite Jackpot Contest Can From Singapore.

These cans cost $2.90

A101. Limited Edition Coca-Cola Can for Worldcup Football 2002. Lovely looking in Gold Color Background and Red Footbal A102. This is a Jackpot Contest Coca-Cola Can from Singapore. A103. This is a Jackpot Contest Coca-Cola Light Can from Singapore. A104. This is a Movie Ticket Contest Coca-Cola Light Can from Singapore.

This Coca-Cola Base Ball Hat was issued for the Worldcup Football 2002. The cost is $5.90 and postage is also $5.90.

201. Coca-Cola Base Ball Hat was issued for the Worldcup Football 2002

202. Coca-Cola Plastic cup in the shape of Coke Can with cover and hole for straw. This Cup has picture of a celebrity and is from Thailand.

Postage Rates

Postage will be by registered air mail

For the first Can the postage cost is $6.90. For the next 9 cans from 2 to 10, please add $1.50 for each can. For every additionl can above 10, please add $1.00 per can.

Example : If you order 20 Cans, the postage cost will be $6.90 + $13.50 + 10.00 = $30.40.


Insurance is optional. For every $25.00, cost of insurance is $1.00.

Mode of payment

Payment by Paypal, Money Order, Personal Check or Cash. If paying by cash, please wrap the cash in black carbon paper or foil paper before sealing in the envelope.

My Mailing address is :

Victor Jebamani
9, Persiaran Tembok 2,
Taman Sri Desa,
30010 Ipoh, Perak,

e-mail : malaysiancollectibles@yahoo.com

If paying by credit card,
the address to be entered into the box will be as follows :

Name : Victor Jebamani
Address : 9, Persiaran Tembok 2
Address : Taman Sri Desa
Zip Code : 30010
City : Ipoh
State : Perak
Country : Malaysia

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