Asian Pepsi Cans

Page last updated on 07/26/2007

The cans displayed in this page are Asian Pepsi Cans & other soda cans issued by Pepsi to mark special occasions. Almost all cans have both the English and the Malay language. The contents (ingredients) of the soda drink is always in the Malay language for the cans from Malaysia.

Please do note that there are some cans from other countries such as Thailand and China. For those cans from Thailand or China, there will be Thai or Chinese Characters.

All cans are in good condition. No dents, scratches or damages unless otherwise specified. Cans are empty and top opened. Most cans are between 320 to 330 ml volume. Full can collectors can e-mail for more information. Please note that there are some light reflections especially at the top center of the cans; they are not dent or damages.

Choose The Cans You Like and The Quantity and Place Your Order Via E-Mail at : malaysiancollectibles@yahoo.com

These Commemorative Cans cost $2.90 each.

1. Pepsi Can for Music Is Life Ticket Contest 2001. Sorry, no stock. 2. Pepsi Twist Can 2002. 3. Pepsi Britany Spears Contest Can 2002. 4. Ask for More - Pepsi Can from Thailand 5. Manuel Rui COSTA of Portugal - Pepsi Can from Thailand. 6. Emmanuel PETIT of France - Pepsi Can from Thailand. 7. Pepsi Twist from Thailand. 8. Pepsi Twist Light from Malaysia. 9. Pepsi Blue from Malaysia. 10. Pepsi Blue Rock Singers - from Malaysia. 11. Vernon of Argentina - Pepsi Can from Thailand. 12. Pepsi can issued to celeberate Chinese New Year 2005 from Malaysia.

Please Note:

Can # 1 is out of stock.

Lord Of The Rings Cans by Isomax Energy Drink

LOTR1. Lord Of The Ring Eowyn - Isomax Energy Drink Can from Malaysia. LOTR2. Lord Of The Ring Gandalf - Isomax Energy Drink Can from Malaysia. LOTR3. Lord Of The Ring Legolas - Isomax Energy Drink Can from Malaysia. LOTR4. Lord Of The Ring Frodo - Isomax Energy Drink Can from Malaysia. LOTR5. Lord Of The Ring  - Isomax Energy Drink Can from Malaysia.

Other Cans issued by the Pepsi Company. Each Can costs $2.00

A1. 7 UP. A2. Mirinda Grape. A3. Mirinda Cream. A4. Mirinda Orange. A5. Mirinda Strawberry. A6. Mirinda Cream V New Design. A7. Mirinda Sarsi. A8. Mirinda Apple.

This is a Special Issue. Mirinda Mango/Orange issued for the 2003 Chinese New Year. So it will be Limited and available for a short time only.

A9. Mirinda Mango/Orange.

A10. Evervess Soda. A11. Evervess Tonic. A12. Mountain Dew. A13. Excel Isotonic Drink. A14. 7up Light can from Singapore. A15. 7up F1 Williams Can from Malaysia. Uploaded on 1st July 2003. A16. 7up F1 Williams Can from Malaysia. Uploaded on 1st July 2003. A17. 7up Refreshing Can from Malaysia. Uploaded on 1st July 2003.

Postage Rates

Postage will be by registered air mail

For the first Can the postage cost is $6.90. For the next 9 cans from 2 to 10, please add $1.50 for each can. For every additionl can above 10, please add $1.00 per can.

Example : If you order 20 Cans, the postage cost will be $6.90 + $13.50 + 10.00 = $30.40.


Insurance is optional. For every $25.00, cost of insurance is $1.00.

Mode of payment

Payment can be made by Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Cash or credit cards. To pay by Credit Cards, please use Paypal services.

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the address to be entered into the box will be as follows :

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