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Classic Car TV?? Fantastic
Some of the better sites I've found on these topics.
Overland journeys
Thai advice on bringing your car into Thailand
The Company web site
Jag Lovers
India to the UK by Enfield
The Jaguar Car Club of Western Australia
Riding in Cambodia
The Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia
A World record journey!
The Turtle expedition
Buick Car Club of NSW
John and Sheila Thailand , Laos & Vietnam
Classic Car Clubs - Singapore
Motorbike touring links
MSVCR website
Mr Pumpy - Asian travel by bicycle - excellent!
Historic Racing in Asia
Bkk Riders Club  - Asian border crossing info & chat
Currypot productions
Wierd stuff
Travelling in Asia
License Plates of the world,,
TAT: Thai  Tourist Association
Left Hand Drive or Right Hand drive...
Lonely Planet
Which side did the Romans drive on?
Left or Right hand drive - why?
LTA - Driving into and out of Singapore
Holden One motoring (motoring in Singapore portal)
Holden UK Register - Australia's own O.S!
IndoHolden  - Australia's own in Indonesia
Trafficsmart (Traffic Cameras)
Holden  - Company website
Holden Special Vehicles
Amphibicars website- these cars float!
Tuas Link
Trafficsmart The AA in Singapore
Goodwood... we are not worthy
The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain
JPJ Traffic Fine Blacklist
Hero - Classic car rallies
The P76 .. anyone got a 44 gallon drum?
Classic Car Australia Magazine