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- Society for Psychical Research

- Division of Personality Studies (University of Virginia)

- Society for Scientific Exploration

- Parapsychology Association

- Parapsychologisch Instituut

- Centre for Fundamental and Anomalies Research (C-Far)

- Lexscien (Library of Exploratory Science)

- ParanormalReview.com (Roy Stemman)

- Skeptical Investigations

- Skepsis-Watchers

- EmergentMind.org

- Paraquest

Spirituality (Journal for Spiritual Development) of the Dutch Stichting voor Spirituele Ontwikkeling

- Erlendur Haraldsson

- Annekatrin Puhle

- Institut fuer Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene

- Parapsychologie in Oesterreich

- Institut Metapsychique International de Paris

- Parapsychology and Psychology

- American Society for Psychical Research

- Rupert Sheldrake

- Celia Green

Survival and Near-Death

- Survival Research Network

- Stichting Merkawah/IANDS Netherlands

- The International Survivalist Society

- Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife


- Limen/IANDS Belgium

- Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino

- Horizon Research


- Melvin Morse

- Victor Zammit

- Criticando Kardec

- Parapsychology and Survival after Death

Reincarnation and Pre-Existence

- Division of Personality Studies (University of Virginia)

- Spiritual Pre-existence

- Light Hearts

- Feldforschung zu Reinkarnation (Dieter Hassler)

- Children's Past Lives

- Cases of the Reincarnation Type studied by Dr. K.S. Rawat

After-Death Communication

- After-Death Communication (Bill and Judy Guggenheim)

The After-Life Experiments (Gary A. Schwartz)

- World ITC

- Verein fuer Transkommunikations-Forschung



- New Dualism Archive

- Online Papers on Consciousness

- Berkeley Studies by Peter B. Lloyd

- Animal Sentience

- Hindu Philosophy

- Anthony Flew and Intelligent Design

- The Psychon Theory by Wolfgang Gasser

- Platonic Dualism

- Online originals in ontology

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