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Note: this is a mirror of my chris.herr.com page, which is
currently more updated then this page and includes
information about recent wedding. : )

Here I am in '95 with the guys at the Franklin Institute And this is me volunteering in '98
in Philadelphia.

Well now,
It's been some number of years since I first started populating the web in Winter / Spring of 1995, so lets get caught up.

First off, this site is now in two locations (or you could say that I have it mirrored) at http://chris.herr.com and http://www.oocities.org/Athens/1693. And also www.oocities.org/christian, but that just links to 1693

I'm still working in the Washington DC area doing computer work, (I guess I should say Network Infastructure to be more specific,) for PEC Solutions Inc (Performance Engineering Corporation.) I travel on business a bit, though not as much as I used to since I'm a manager with a small group of minions to control. : )

I do get out the door every so often; I returned from LA and Hawaii a bit ago and had a wonderful time. I'm very lucky to have gotten the job that I did.

What's fresh (aka- new) on this page? I'm creating a new section where people may gather information from the web, for example: Here you can find an address and phone number with a name, and here or here you can find a map to take you right to that location. It's almost scary.

I have a new form page for people who would like to mail me, but who do not have a mail service in their browser. (Like me at the office.)Click Here to mail me through a form.

Click here to see an image of the current United States weather from space. I've also added a link to NBC 4
which has much more detailed weather information.

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Personal data:

My full name is Christian R. Herr III, but Chris suits me just fine. I'm a College of William and Mary class of '95 graduate of Computer Science currently working in the Washington DC area for the Performance Engineering Corporation.

Though I find Network Infrastructure, working with clients, and paid travel pretty incredible, one of my finest hours was when I worked as a DJ at Willaim and Mary on
WCWM, the College of William and Mary's powerful radio station. I miss being a radio personality, but I can still tune into 90.7 when I'm in Williamsburg Virginia! I've also sneaked in and have done a few shows since my graduation. My FCC is still valid, so, why not?

My junior year at College I joined a service fraternity at William and Mary which has a page being maintained by Dave Sobel, who is just a saint for the work he has done on it. Check it out: The Sigma Mu Sigma page!
This site also has a number of links to bartending databases, After all, it is Justice's Bar and Grill.

I'm currently spending a good deal of time working in the Camarilla, a group of people who appreciate the gothic culture and also do charity work. I designed the Regional (East Central) web page, check it out:EC Region Web site or check out the national site: The National Camarilla site or even the Dark Capital site in Washington DC

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