Justice's Back Room

The Back Room of the Bar and Grill

Here we sit in the back room of the grill; just taking a minute to sit, feel the sultry winds of the web blow small, swirling packets by, and regroup our thoughts. Thanks for joining me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do here, I just figured that my home page is getting way too long and that I should break it up so it doesn't take forever to load it.

VRML! (Virtual Reality Markup Language):

I've been programing 3D worlds with an Asci Notepad! I think
the results are incredible!
To look at this you need to download VRML modules if you don't
already have them. Click for the Internet Explorer VRML update
or the Netscape VRML Update (This site is slow)

Now you are ready to click to my WORKING Justice's Bar and Grill 3D World!

Click here to goto another really cool 3D site calledTerminal Reality
Note: This is a bit of a performance hog.

Places to go from here:

Ah, Pure Genius....

This area is for testing purposes only:
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Created April 10th, 1996

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