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My stamp collecting interests were inspired by a neighbor, Eddie, who was a postman and stamp collector. Every couple of months I would go to Eddie's house where he would have a packet of US Plate Blocks waiting for me. As I recall, the very first block Eddie sold me was the Religious Freedom Issue of 1957, #1099. He would sell them to me at face value - 12-cents per block of four, at that time. Per his instructions I kept them in glassines. Although my interest in collecting waned during the 1960's, Eddie still kept supplying me with the plate blocks. When I returned in earnest to my stamps in the 1970's I began to fill in the gaps. My goal is to have a US Plate Block collection containing at least one plate block for every definitive issue, commemorative, airmail and back-of-the-book stamp from 1949 on.

When I returned to my stamps in the 1970's I also expanded my US Singles collection. At this point most of my acquisitions for this collection, except for new issues, of course, is through auctions. Mail bids are fun, but bidding from the floor is where the real action is. Yes, I've read the horror stories about auction house lack of ethics but from my own experiences I have few real complaints. In any purchase, just remember - Buyer Beware!!

Besides the formats described above I also collect US Line Pairs, US PNC's, US Booklet Panes, US Booklets and US Postal Stationary. Needless to say, when I go to stamp shows or bourses, I never run out of things to do. And on top of all this, I am always on the lookout for pieces to add to my Worcester, Massachusetts Postal History collection. In fact, those finds interest me more right now than my stamps. But they all blend together to give me the enjoyment that a hobby should.

If you have read this far without nodding off to sleep, let me put in a special request for US Plate Block that I need:


*** PLATE BLOCK OF 6 OF US #499 ***

*** PLATE NUMBER 10462 ***

I will pay top dollar for a Plate Block of this US Stamp imprinted with this number. Upper position preferred, but I will accept any position. Please email me at my address shown on my Home Page with your offer.

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