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Namaskara! All Bangalore Wallas! If you are looking for someone from Bangalore and hope that the person may visit this page, send in your request for posting, and keep an eye out. Your luck if someone sees it and responds to you. Since this Bangalore Walla Page is linked to other Bangalore Sites, chances that someone may pick up your search. This page will be updated from time to time, and not immediately you send in a mail request. Please send in your requests to the following e-mail address: .

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  • Bo Sundberg [e-mail:] __Ms. Ami Bhalani doing Medicine in Bangalore
  • Great News!! ....... Ami was found!!!

  • Susan Reddy ( __ Vimla Ganapathy a teacher in Bangalore. Vimla's daughters Peeps & Misha (Reshma)
  • Thanks,

    "Find my friend", I am trying to locate one of my BEST school friends and assume that he has settled in Bangalore.
    Anyone who is reading this message can help me locate him through local telephone or email directory. His name is P.R.KRISHNAN We were very close friends in Bombay during the 60s and 70s. Please try to locate Him or any of his brothers P.R.Raghupathi or P.R.Ravi. I guess one of them will be working for Rallis India.
    Thank you, Viswa Kumar, Virginia, USA

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