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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 10:52:07 -0600 (CST)
From: gerhard obenaus
Subject: Legal Resources on the Internet

Some of you requested more information on accessing legal resources on the Internet. Although you were only interested in searching legal texts, I've provided a small list of legal resources available through the net. If you get anything, get the Legal List, an excellent reference collection of legal resources on the net. It is free and will provide the stepping stone for a variety of sources.

For those of you not interested in legal matters, forgive me for cluttering your mail box with a lengthy message.






Milles, James. Internet Handbook for Law Librarians.
Glanville Publishers/Oceana Group: Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1993. 64p. $100.
ISBN 0-7802-093-4.

Blackman, Josh. The Legal Researcher's Internet Directory.
Legal Research of New York, Inc., 36 Plaza Street, Suite 10E, Brooklyn, NY 11238, 1993. 137p. $49.95.

Heels, Eric. The Legal List, Fall 1995 Internet Desk Reference, Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere.
First published in 1992--and now in its seventh edition--"The Legal List" is a consolidated guide to all of the law-related resources available on (and off) the Internet. "The Legal List" contains descriptions of law-related resources made available on the Internet (via e-mail, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, WWW, WAIS) and off the Internet (via BBSs and commercial online services) by government organizations, law schools, law firms, and corporations (for-profit, nonprofit, and not-for-profit). As of spring 1995, "The Legal List" is being published exclusively by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing.
"The Legal List" is available in many formats e.g.

  • paperback book (ISBN 0-7620-0012-0, Seventh Edition, 1995) $29.95, plus sales or use tax, plus shipping and handling. PHONE 1-800-254-5274, FAX 1-800-741-1414(1-800-254-5274)
  • hypertext files via WWW (
  • ASCII file via FTP (
  • ASCII file via listserv subscription (send SUB LEGAL.-LIST Your Name to
    (This section updated by Helge Niska 1996-08-08.)


    Special Interest Groups


    Following is a short list of SIGs. For a complete listing of the more than 50 legal SIGs and for more detailed information on how to subscribe consult the Legal List or one of the introductory Internet books:

    AIL-L Artificial Intelligence and the Law.
    Subscribe to:
    Message text: subscribe ail-l your name

    List of the European Law Student s Association, a non-political, non-profit organization of law students and young lawyers. Founded in 1981, ELSA no has over 15,000 members in over 28 European countries.
    Subscribe to:
    Message text: Indicate that you want to subscribe to ELSA.
    The message is read by a real person, not a program.

    This group provides a forum for discussion of copyright questions of any type.
    Subscribe to:
    Message text: subscribe CNI-COPYRIGHT

    This group discusses European law.
    Subscribe to:
    Message text: join LAW-EUROPE your name


    National and International Legal Texts


    The University of Saarland in Germany has launched a project which provides the full text of numerous German and international legal texts stored at the Free University of Berlin. Thus it is possible to search the entire text of the Büa;rgerliche Gesetzbuch (Civil Code) or the Handelsgesetzbuch (Commercial Code) online or to download it to your computer. The Website at Saarbrücken also points to numerous other sources of legal texts around the world.

    Point your www browser to

    One of these sources which I would like to mention here as well is the WIRETAP gopher (gopher:// or It hosts a number of international legal documents, mostly in English. Some examples are NAFTA, the Maastricht Treaty, NATO Press Releases, selected UN resolutions and treaties and many more. The Federal Register is also available through the Internet at a much cheaper rate than through commercial services such as LEXIS or DIALOG.

    Another great gopher for a variety of fields is the Subject Guide available at the University of michigan. Just point your gopher to, select SOCSCI and search for law to get to the legal resources. You will find the Legal List there, among other things.

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