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NB: Zoe is also known as "Stitch"


Brafnu Font

Brafnu Font is about seven or eight hundred years old as he and his toy shop have been trapped in an Ethereal pocket where time flows strangely with an imprisoned yugoloth named Golgotha. According to the chant, recently weapons and magical items that he created have been turning up in the hands of barmies from the Hive. Darker whispers say yugoloths planted these so that the elves in Sigil would realise that Brafnu was still alive and try to find a way into the Ethereal pocket to rescue the blood, thereby allowing the yugoloths entrance into the pocket to retrieve or assist Golgotha. Apparently, the Lazz School of Vivid Unpleasentness (see In the Cage: a Guide to Sigil) has a door marked with the symbol on Brafnu's hat, which the students there refer to as "The Unknown Closet" or "The Closet". The closet has not opened to anyone's knowledge for 700 years or so.

Stitch. The picture says it all :-)


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