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How important is stress Relief? here

Meditation Impacts Teen Blood Pressure

A study by the Medical College of Georgia found that two 15-minute meditation sessions each dayonce at home, the other at school helped teenage students lower their blood pressure over four months. Their blood pressure even continued to drop for four months after the meditation sessions ended, researchers said Friday.
One high school senior who benefited from the study was Nick Fitts. Fitts had a lot on his mind going into the research two jobs, no car and rocky relations with his mother.
The stress raised his blood pressure enough to put him at risk for developing hypertension, even though he kept active with track, band and junior ROTC.
When college officials asked Fitts to join a study of whether meditation could lower blood pressure, he thought they were out of their minds. But getting into his mind was the key.
Fitts says the program helped him.
"The meditation calms me down and makes me think better about things," said Fitts, now a nursing student at the University of South Carolina at Aiken.
Researchers screened 5,000 students and found 156 had blood pressure similar to Fitts. Half of that group received the meditation sessions and the other half, a control group, were placed in health education classes. All students wore blood pressure monitors 24 hours a day.
The control group did not have any reduction in blood pressure, according to the study in the American Journal of Hypertension.
One in four adults have hypertension, which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and health officials say teens who have higher-than-normal blood pressure are more likely to develop the chronic disease when they're older.
"It's no longer considered to be an adult disease," said Vernon Barnes, a physiologist at the medical college and lead author of the study.
Meditation is just one of several things including healthy eating, exercise and even medication that can help lower blood pressure, said Dr. Elizabeth Ofili, chief of cardiology at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta.
She added that people regularly need to have their blood pressure checked: "It's never too early to be aware of the risk of blood pressure."
Besides reducing their blood pressure, students who meditated also had lower rates of absenteeism, school rule violations and suspensions than those in the control group, Barnes said.
"It's noteworthy for educators meditation might be included in the school day as a program for reducing stress in the schools," Barnes said.
Fitts said he now meditates 45 minutes each morning.
"I make peace with me," he said.

study reports sustained changes in brain and immune function after meditation

UW study reports sustained changes in brain and immune function after meditation
MADISON -- In a small but highly provocative study , a University of Wisconsin-Madison research team has found, for the first time, that a short program in "mindfulness meditation" produced lasting positive changes in both the brain and the function of the immune system. The findings suggest that meditation, long promoted as a technique to reduce anxiety and stress, might produce important biological effects that improve a person's resiliency.
Richard Davidson, Ph.D., Vilas Professor of psychology and psychiatry at UW-Madison, led the research team. The study, conducted at the biotechnology company Promega near Madison, will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.
"Mindfulness meditation," often recommended as an antidote to the stress and pain of chronic disease, is a practice designed to focus one's attention intensely on the moment, noting thoughts and feelings as they occur but refraining from judging or acting on those thoughts and feelings. The intent is to deepen awareness of the present, develop skills of focused attention, and cultivate positive emotions such as compassion.
In the UW study, participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The experimental group, with 25 subjects, received training in mindfulness meditation from one of its most noted adherents, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. (Kabat-Zinn, a popular author of books on stress reduction, developed the mindfulness-based stress reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.) This group attended a weekly class and one seven-hour retreat during the study; they also were assigned home practice for an hour a day, six days a week. The 16 members of the control group did not receive meditation training until after the study was completed.
For each group, in addition to asking the participants to assess how they felt, the research team measured electrical activity in the frontal part of the brain, an area specialized for certain kinds of emotion. Earlier research has shown that, in people who are generally positive and optimistic and during times of positive emotion, the left side of this frontal area becomes more active than the right side does.
The findings confirmed the researchers' hypothesis: the meditation group showed an increase of activation in the left-side part of the frontal region. This suggests that the meditation itself produced more activity in this region of the brain. This activity is associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state.
The research team also tested whether the meditation group had better immune function than the control group did. All the study participants got a flu vaccine at the end of the eight-week meditation group. Then, at four and eight weeks after vaccine administration, both groups had blood tests to measure the level of antibodies they had produced against the flu vaccine. While both groups (as expected) had developed increased antibodies, the meditation group had a significantly larger increase than the controls, at both four and eight weeks after receiving the vaccine.
"Although our study is preliminary and more research clearly is warranted," said Davidson, "we are very encouraged by these results. The Promega employees who took part have given us a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate a real biological impact of this ancient practice."
Davidson, who is integrally involved with the HealthEmotions Research Institute at UW, plans further research on the impact of meditation. He is currently studying a group of people who have been using meditation for more than 30 years. His research team is also planning to study the impact of mindfulness meditation on patients with particular illnesses.

Mantras, Rosary May Help the Heart, Study Shows

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The rhythmic chanting used when saying the rosary prayer or performing a yoga mantra seems to have a calming effect on the heart, study findings suggest.
``The rosary might be viewed as a health practice as well as a religious practice,'' according to study lead author Dr. Luciano Bernardi, of the University of Pavia in Italy and his colleagues.
To investigate, the researchers measured the breathing rates of 23 adults while they either prayed the rosary in the original Latin or recited a yoga mantra. The rosary is a repetition 50 times of the Ave Maria, or the Hail Mary prayer, with the whole 50 repeated three times. For comparison, the researchers also measured the study participants' respiration during free talking, and during spontaneous and controlled slow breathing exercises.
When the participants breathed spontaneously, their respiratory rate was about 14 breaths per minute, which slowed down to almost 8 breaths per minute when they engaged in regular conversation, the investigators report in the December 22/29th issue of the British Medical Journal. During recitation of the Ave Maria or the yoga mantra, however, their respiratory rate was about 6 breaths per minute.
A slow respiration rate of 6 breaths per minute ``has generally favourable effects on cardiovascular and respiratory function,'' the researchers note.
Furthermore, breathing rate was irregularly reduced during free talking, but was significantly more regular during recitation of the Ave Maria and the yoga mantra, similar to during the 6 minutes of controlled respiration, Bernardi's team reports. This indicates ``that these methods could stabilize the respiratory rate as effectively as precisely timed control,'' the authors write.
What's more, recitation of both the Ave Maria and the yoga mantra similarly synchronized all the heart rhythms, the investigators found.
The similar effects produced by the two seemingly different cultural practices may not be merely coincidental. In fact, Bernardi and colleagues suggest, the two practices may have similar origins.
It is known that the rosary is related to the Christian religion, but it was actually introduced by the crusaders ``who learnt a similar technique from the Arabs who in turn learned it from the Indian and Tibetan masters of yoga,'' Bernardi told Reuters Health.
``So it may be that recitation of Mantras, which originally was conceived as a health practice, and the Rosary, which is essentially a religious practice in Europe, could have the same background,'' he explained.
"Classically, in the West, the rosary is the technique that is most readily recognized as a way of evoking this response," said Dr. Herbert Benson, president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute.
SOURCE: British Medical Journal 2001;323:1446-1449.

Medical Mantra

While its no surprise that mantra meditation reduces stress, researchers now show that using mantra meditation to reach a higher state of consciousness may help unclog arteries. African Americans with high blood pressure who practiced meditation for six months saw a .098mm decrease in fatty buildup in arterial wall, compared with an increase of .054mm among folks who simply tried to change their diet and lifestyle. Getting results takes some effort. First you need to learn to meditate, which can take hours and then you should do it for 20 minutes each morning and evening.
Time Magazine March 13,2000

Meditation Does a Body Good

Meditation not only mellows your mind, it may also help your heart.
Preliminary results from a recent study demonstrate that meditation may decrease the risk of heart disease. In the study, participants with high blood pressure were randomly assigned to complete a meditation program or to participate in a health education group. The people who meditated for 20 minutes 2 times per day over the 7-month study period experienced a reduction in artery wall thickening.The participants in the health education group showed an increase in artery wall plaque buildup.
Researchers hypothesize that stress-relieving meditation triggered self-repair mechanisms that reversed the fatty buildup on artery walls.
RealAge Benefit: Taking care of your emotional health and well-being can make your RealAge 8 to 16 years younger.

Meditation Has Enormous Mental And
Physical Benefits
Lorin Roche, PhD & meditation teacher

Do you meditate? If not,
youíre missing out on
a safe, effective way to boost
your mental and physical health.
As countless studies have shown,
as little as 20 minutes of daily
meditation can have profound effects
on the body. Consider this evidence...
Chronic pain. When chronic
pain patients began practicing a
simple form of meditation known as
the relaxation response, the number of
times they visited a pain clinic in the
the Mind/Body Medical Institute at
Harvard Medical School in Boston.)
Depression and anxiety.
People who completed an eight-week
course in a form of meditation known as mindfulness
experienced a sharp decline in depression, anxiety and other
psychological problems. They also reported having a greater
sense of control over their lives. (From the University of
California at Irvine.)
Meditation has also shown at least some effectiveness
against high blood pressure, heart disease, backache,
headaches and digestive problems.

Despite its myriad benefits, meditation is practiced on a
regular basis by less than 10% of the US population.
Why donít more Americans meditate? Most peopleís
excuses are based on misconceptions about the process...
Excuse: I donít know how to get started. The basic
elements of meditation are actually quite straightforward...
Sit comfortably.
Pick something to pay attention to. It might be your
breathing... or a silent syllable or phrase. Some people use
their name for God -- Jesus, Jahweh, Elohim, Allah, etc.
When your mind wanders -- as it inevitably will --
simply return to this focus. Donít exert any effort at "mind

One easy way to start is simply to sit on the sofa, let out a
deep breath and say, "Whew."
When you resume breathing normally, pay close attention
to the air as it flows into and out of your nostrils... your belly
rising and falling... and any other physical sensations that you
become aware of.


Feelings of relaxation may give way to intrusive thoughts.
Thatís fine. Gently return your attention to your breathing or
other focus.
Do this for three minutes or so each day for one week. (Itís
okay to check your watch.)
After one week, extend your meditation to at least 10
minutes a day -- up to 20 minutes twice a day, if you wish.
Excuse: I canít sit cross-legged. Thereís nothing magic
about this position. It just happens to be the way people sat in
Asia when meditation techniques were evolving.

, Most Americans do better sitting on a chair or sofa, with a
pillow to support the lower back and feet on the ground. Thatís
perfectly acceptable.

Excuse: Meditation is too hard. Not true. In fact, if youíve
ever been swept away by beautiful music, a tranquil nature
scene, etc., you already know how to meditate.
Ultimately, meditation is really nothing more than just restful
alertness. Meditating on a daily basis helps you reach this
condition more quickly and stay there longer -- and thus reap
bigger health benefits.

Go easy on yourself. Approach meditation not as a long list
of rules to follow but as a favor youíre doing for your mind and
body. That way it wonít seem like a chore.
Excuse: I canít empty my mind. Often while meditating,
youíll find yourself planning, rehearsing, reviewing and
otherwise being caught up in thoughts and worries.
This does not mean that you have failed. The brain does
this kind of processing whenever you rest.
The trick is to accept your thoughts, then gently return to
your focus. Do not resist this mental "housecleaning."
Excuse: I donít have time to meditate. You can get a lot
out of meditation even if you can spare only a few minutes a
day. And most people find that the more time they spend
meditating, the more they like it... and the more time theyíre
willing to set aside to practice it.
These "mini-meditations" take only a minute or so to do...
Take a conscious nap. Sit with eyes closed for five
minutes. Let your mind drift.
Do the slump. Periodically, as youíre seated, let your
head droop slowly toward your chest.
Notice the weight of your shoulders and the gentle stretch
through your spine. Take a few breaths. Slowly return to an
erect posture.
Excuse: I donít have a quiet place in which to
meditate. Most people can meditate even in the midst of loud
noises and bustling activity.

Have you ever become engrossed in a book while waiting
in a crowded airport? Ever fallen into a deep slumber in front
of a blaring television or radio? If so, you can certainly learn
how to meditate in less-than-perfect circumstances. Treat
noise during meditation the same way you deal with your own
thoughts. Notice the distraction, then return to your focus.
If noise is still a barrier, try meditating...
... at the office. Close your office door for 10 minutes
and ask not to be disturbed.
... in your car. Meditate in your driveway before getting
out of your car and walking inside.
... at bedtime. Sit up in bed while your partner reads
quietly beside you.
Excuse: I keep falling asleep. Fine! Most busy people
have a huge sleep debt. Nodding off may be exactly what you

When you wake up, donít try to return to your focus right
away. Give your brain a few moments to come back to
consciousness. Then continue meditating.
This is why ;mantra meditation is so powerful-just listen to the sound
pick a mantra, say it and listen

Bottom Line/Health interviewed Lorin Roche, PhD, a
meditation teacher in Marina del Rey, California, for the past
30 years. He is the author of Meditation Made Easy
(HarperSan Francisco).

Think your self strong

You may not need to actually go to the gym to get the benefits of a gym workout. Just imaging yourself there may do the job. Dave Smith, a sports psychology researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University in England, gathered 18 men and had 6 of them contact their pinkie fingers as hard as they could for 20 minutes a day, to times a week. Six others were instructed to just imagine themselves doing the exercises. And a third group of six did nothing at all. After 30 days, the pinkies of the first group were 33% stronger. Those of the control group we unchanged. But the men who visualized themselves doing pinkie crunches actually increased their strength by 16%.
reported in Natural Health magazine, 3/99

Meditation speeds healing

Psoriasis suffers who listened to meditation tapes whole receiving UV light treatments recovered nearly four times faster than those patients who received UV treatments alone, according to a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine.
reported in Natural Health magazine, 3/99

Researchers get Surprise

  • John Hopkins University researchers were interested in a simple enough question-does exercise lower blood pressure?To test this , they needed a control group(a group that basically did not exercise) to contrast the exercise group, who were to do brisk walking or low-impact aerobics. For the control, they picked a group who did tai chi. " We thought since tai chi is so slow and and controlled that it couldn't have a real effect on blood pressure," said the lead researcher Deborah Young, Ph.D.
  • Surprise, By the end of the 12 week study period, blood pressures of both the exercise group and the tai chi group dropped nearly the same amount-between 7 and 8.4 points. Still not convinced of tai chi's health benefits, Young will only concede, "For some individuals, tai chi may be beneficial for improving blood pressure." Next time researchers plan to test results using a true "no exercise control group. But a word of advise. Don't pick meditators. Meditation lowers blood pressure too.

  • Meditating Away Hospital Bills

    as reported in Natural Health October 1997
    A recent study, which appeared in the American Journal of Managed Care found that individuals who practiced Mantra Meditation combining diet, excersise and Mantra meditation used less medical care.
    How? Meditation is the key says co-author Robert Herron." Mantra Meditation creates more orderly brain function, allowing it to comunicate better with the rest of the body," Herron explains. "when you have a heart attack, you can't fix the heart and think you're finished. The heart cells will communicate with the rest of the body's cells to tell them something isn't right. With Mantra Meditation the brain and body calm down enough to work together."

    Do you know the benefits of mantra meditation??? here

    What Doctors say about the Mind,Meditation,Prayer,Emotions

    "Our emotions and thought can determine our health, researchers say. The more we learn about the mind-body connection, the closer we can come to treating and preventing disease
    Lara Pizzorno, M.A.,L.M.P.

    "One of the best kept secrets in medical science is the extensive experimental evidence for the beneficial effects of prayer."
    Healing Words, Larry Dossey, M.D.

    "If one approach doesn't work try another. If meditation appeals to you, but you won't take 20 to 30 minutes twice a day, try just five minutes. You'll still receive some benefits and may be encouraged to devote more time later"
    James Gordon.M.D., Director for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington, D.C.

    Do you know what a Harvard Medical Professor and other Doctors say about meditation???click here

    Harvard coined the term "relaxation response" and researched the best sounds to use. Stress relief is a side benefit from mantra meditation and you don't have to go to Harvard to learn it. we will show you and have aides to help

  • as reported in Natural Health Febuary 1997

    Mantra Medicine

  • Mantra meditation proves its power to lower blood pressure. In a recent study the American Heart Association' Journal "Hypertension", researchers report that Mantra meditation beat out two other nonmedical approaches to hypertension. Individuals who practiced mantra mediation lowered their blood pressure significantly more that those assigned to a group instructed on lifestyle modification, and twice as much as participants who used progressive muscle relaxation ( a technique that tenses and relaxes muscles throughout the body). In fact, the reductions achieved by mantra meditation are comparable to those achieved by use of antihypertensive drugs.

    Empowerment & Peace Through the Bhagavad here

    Comparison of the Physiologic Changes of the Flight-or Fight response and the Relaxation here

    people who have here

    Newspaper article about the Mantra Meditation here

    for simple instructions on how to meditate using the power of sound click here

    Power of Prayer in a here

    recommended mantras to use for mantra meditation

    Different mantras:You can choose one that appeals to you. they are all effective .

    The Vedas say...

    There is no need of understanding the language of the mantra, nor is there any need of mental speculation,nor intellectual adjustment for chanting these Vedic mantras. They spring automatically from the spiritual platform and as such anyone can take part in these trancendental sound vibrations without any previous qualification

    Harvard University
    Professor/Medical Doctor Herbert Benson recognizes that meditation on religious words is the most healing of all techniques

    Harvard Ph.D. Howard Resnick, Professor at the Graduate Theological Union at U of California

    recognizes another power within the Lord's name:"The secret ingredient in the chanting the Lord's name that cleanses the Soul and removes false indentifications is the Lord Himself.".

    Recommended Mantras

    1. Om...................................................
    meaning:trancendental sound used in the beginning of every Vedic hymn.
    2..Om namo bhagavate Vasudeva.............................................
    meaning: I pay my respects to the supreme truth.(oversoul,supersoul, super consciousness).
    3. Govinda jaya jaya Gopala jaya Jaya..............................................
    meaning: I offer praise to Govinda Gopala, the embodiment of truth giving pleasure and protection to all living beings.
    H5> Jaya Radha Madhava Kunjabirari................................................
    meaning: Glorification of the Supreme Loving Reciprocation of Spritual Oneness in Diversity.
    . jiv jago, jiv jago...........................................
    meaning: Wake up sleeping souls. Wake up sleeping souls.
    6. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.................................................
    meaning:O Lord, O supreme truth I want to serve you.
    7. Jaya Radha Shyama. Jaya Radhe...........................................
    meaning: A plea to the Lord and the feminine energy of the Lord.
    8.Om tat sat.................................................
    meaning: Absolute, eternal, truth.
    9. Lord Jesus have mercy upon us
    10. Hail Mary mother of grace, blessed is thy name and the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
    Aides to help you in your meditation.
    Audio chanting CD or audio cassette tape
    This CD or cassette tape is especially made for people interested in how to say the mantras and gives the meditator someone to meditate(chant) with.It also shows the meditator(chanter) how to do it and how to say it.. You can chant/meditate along with the CD. Most of the recommended mantras are on the one hour CD or cassette tape. Most people chant at home but some play the tape or CD in their car and purify while standing in traffic.

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    Exclusive Bhagavad-Gita, As It Is,available
    This Bhagavad-Gita is the one book that will explain the transcendental science of mantra meditaion and how it works. It was written 5000 years ago and translated from Sanskrit by A.C. Bhaktivedanta.He explains why mantra meditation works, how to do it, examples of people who have done it, and what is so special about the Lord's name.It is 904 page that explains the difference between open eyes(light) and closed eyes(darkness).

    Yours for only $14+$5 including shipping in USA ($14+$10 outside US). Contact e-mail Michael or Shari for information. As with any Bhaktivedanta Mantra Meditation purchase, Mastercard, Visa(need name as appears on card, card number,expiration date), and checks are all accepted
    at present we cannot accept charges-sorry .
    Mantra Meditation
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    Neem Chanting Beads,available
    How to keep track while you are meditating and chanting?..
    . with special beads.The beads also help you meditate by getting your sense of touch involved making the meditation much easier.
    Each time you say the mantra you move to the next bead. There are 108 beads in the strand.It is recommended to chant the mantra a regularly the same number of times. You might go around the 108 beads once twice or more. Try it will change your life. These chanting beads are made from the wood of a very special tree that has antiseptic properties-the neem tree.

    only $5+$3 including shipping in USA($5+$5 outside US). Contact

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    at present we cannot accept charges-sorry
    Mantra Meditation
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    show 38(100min)Mantra Meditation instructional video: stress relief & expanded consciousness
    This an actual Mantra Meditation class filmed in Houston Texas with outside information added.A licensed professional counselor walks the viewer through the ins and outs of mantra meditation. She speaks of the scientifically proven stress relief results confirmed by Harvard Medical school like lower blood pressure. An internal medicine physician and a Benedictine Monk speak of the effects of mantra mediation in their lifes and yours. You are shown the power of sound and how to harness this power. A mantra mediation class was filmed and the viewer can meditate with the class that includes a Ph.D. professor and a doctor intern. They also ask questions and their problems are answered. This meditation is effective for people on the go. Try it for three weeks and see if your life is not changed. Remember...Harvard University supports this type of meditaiton.
    Mantra Meditation instructional video 100 minutes $19.95+$3 in USA or $19.95+$10 in PAL shipped outside USA
    Mantra Meditation
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    unsolicited letter from Mantra Meditation class antendee

    Dear Shari,
    I really enjoyed your class; I try to do the mantras at least 30 min each day. I hope to be able to take your summer Bhagavad-Gita class. Thanks again
    Jackie,Crosby, Texas 4/97

    Learn to Harness the power of sound on easy video... easy effective meditation read what Harvard University says about mantra meditation now

    Viewers can even meditate with the class right in their own home and get results, Harvard supports Mantra meditation...find out why on the video. Stress relief & expanded consciousness through easy effective Mantra Meditation...harnessing the power of sound.
    Studies show meditation releases chemicals in the brain that lower blood pressure. A licensed professional counselor walks the viewer through the ins and outs of mantra meditation. She speaks of the scientifically proven stress relief results confirmed by Harvard Medical school like lower blood pressure. An internal medicine physician and a Benedictine Monk speak of the effects of mantra mediation in their lifes and yours. You are shown the power of sound and how to harness this power. A mantra meditation class was filmed and one can meditate with the class that includes a Ph.D. professor and a doctor intern. They also ask questions and their problems are answered. This meditation is effective for people on the go. Try it for three weeks and see if your life is not changed.

    Don't work hard trying to concentrate etc..Let the Sound do the Work

    Let the Sound Do the here

    Do you know what the Bible and the Sanskrit Vedas say about Sound?

    What is Karma and how can a person change his here

    What the Bible and the Sanskrit Vedas say about here

    Yoga and Meditation classes available in Houston, here

    What Western Religion says about Meditation and the Lord's here

    letters people have written to us at the Mantra Meditation here

    as reported in Sanskrit Vedas

    another benefit of Mantra Meditation

    A person can get more control over their life through meditation.

    Through meditation one increases the strength of the intelligence and the mind over the senses. It is our "natural" tendency to want to enjoy, but there are limits. An analogy is given in the Sanskrit Vedas that shows how meditation works.

    In life we might see a nice car that our senses would like to have but our intelligence says it is not ours. So we don't take it. For some people their mind and intelligence is not strong enough to stop their senses (horses) from taking the car. Another benefit of meditation is control over the mind and the senses. While we are saying the mantra thoughts come up and feelings and desires but we continue meditation/chanting. This is an excersise of control over the mind and the senses: and frees the Self to do what it wants in life and not what the mind wants or the senses. Another words, to be able to act as we want and not be driven by our senses or mind. This state of the self being free of the mind and senses is sometimes referred to as transcendental or enlightened. It can be reached through this mantra meditation.

    Meditation to Lower Blood Pressure and gives Meditators the power to change their lifes

      A person is compared to a chariot driver being pulled by four horses.
    1. The driver is the person, the intelligence,
    2. the mind is the reins , and
    3. the senses are the four horses(touch,smell,seeing, hearing).

    A new study indicates that people with hypertension who practice mantra meditation can experience substantial decreases in blood pressure. The findings are promising enough that the National Institute of Health have allocated $3 million to further study the possible link.
    The recently completed project, conducted at California's West Oakland Health Center, involved 100 people aged 55 and older. Those who learned and performed mantra meditation everyday for three months had and overall drop in systolic pressure that was 11 points greater that the drop in people who were counseled on lifestyle changes such and cutting back on salt, exercising more and drinking less alcohol. The meditators' diastolic pressure dropped by six point more that in the advice-only group's did.
    The lower blood pressures occurred in all hypertensive people-not just those show scored high on tests for psychosocial stress. It also occurred in people who were overweight, ate large amounts of salt or drank a lot of alcohol; all of which are risk factors for high blood pressure. It seems that, stressed of not, you can lower high blood pressure by meditation.
    The researchers are not sure what the mechanism of lowered blood pressure from meditation is. However, it works, by reducing stress, meditation could also help people curb unhealthful behavior, such as overeating or drinking too much alcohol. Indeed, people in the study who were counseled to make lifestyle changed did not make amy appreciable alterations in their day-today habits, but meditation group went from roughly 11 drinks a week to five, indicating that meditation may make it easier for people to implement other healthy changes. "The synergistic effect of mantra meditation combined with improved diet and exercise habits could potentially produce much greater benefits that either one alone." says head researcher Charles Alexander, Ph.D.
    Reductions in blood pressure similar to those experienced in the subjects performing mantra meditation that were brought about by drugs have led to 35-40% reduction in stroke risk and 20-45% reductions in risk of congestive heart failure. But, meditation had no side effects, as so many drugs do. Conventional therapies such as diuretics, calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors can lead to a rise in blood cholesterol, impotence, fatigue, dry mouth, nasal congestion, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. reported in April 1997 Energy Times

    What is Consciousness and How does it Work??? here

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