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Comparison of the Physiologic Changes of the Flight-or Fight response and the Relaxation Response

flight-or fight response is the "normal" response to to stressful situations

Relaxation Response - response from someone who practices mantra meditation

Physiologic Stateflight-or-fight response(normal response)Relaxation Response
Blood Pressure IncreasesDecreases
Heart RateIncreases Decreases
Blood Flowing to the Muscles of the Arms and LegsIncreasesDecreases
Muscle Tension IncreasesDecreases
Slow Brain WavesDecreases Increases
Rate of BreathingIncreasesDecreases

from Timeless Healing by Herbert Benson, M.D.(and Harvard Medical Professor)

the relaxation response is a benefit of mantra meditation. The most sought after benefit is the increased awareness and depth to a person's life that is brought about through the process of Mantra Meditation. Practice this technique once or twice daily
Mantra meditation
step 1. Pick a mantra
step 2. sit quietly in a comfortable position
step 3. say the mantra
step 4. listen to the sound
step 5. assume a passive attitude. Don't worry about how well you are doing. When thoughts come up simply go back to hear the sound of the mantra.
step 6. continue for ten to twenty minutes
step 7.practice this techinique once or twice daily
  • in this generic technique it is suggested you sit quietly, however you can also do it while walking, or standing. Just listen to the sound. Try it for three weeks and see if there is not a difference in your life

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