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Let the Sound do the Work

Mantra meditation/chanting is very practical and successful at this time and Age. One cannot meditate. One's mind is so disturbed, that one cannot concentrate the mind. Therefore chant, and the sound vibration will forcibly enter into your mind. The correct sound vibrations will pierce through the souls covering and allow it to come to its rightful spiritual position, full of knowledge, bliss, and eternity. There is no need of understanding the language of the mantra, nor is there any need of mental speculation, nor intellectual adjustment for chanting these Vedic mantras. They spring automatically from the spiritual platform and as such anyone can take part in these transcendental sound vibrations without any previous qualification. this is supported by
Dr. Benson of Harvard "that humans are the only species who are aware of their own mortality, and that this awareness causes anguish that threatens their ability to survive. To cope with this anguish, humans are wired for God, therefore by focusing on spiritual words they can achieve deep healing changes within the body and mind. "
Harvard Ph.D. Howard Resnick, Professor at the Graduate Theological Union at U of California recognizes another power within the Lord's name:"The secret ingredient in the chanting the Lord's name that cleanses the Soul and removes false indentifications is the Lord Himself.".
another proof of the power of sound is that when the body is unconscious or sleeping sound can pierce through the turned off senses and wake a person up. The sound of music relaxes a person. Likewise using the correct sounds can scientically uncover a persons false indentifications.
Try it for three weeks and see if there is a difference in your life.

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