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  • Quotes from the Bible and the Sanskrit Vedas about the Lord's Name:It is a special sound

  • In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. (from The Gospel according to St. John. verse 1.) meaning: the Lord and his name are one. Therefore it is very powerful
  • Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (from Romans 10:13) meaning: By saying the Lord's name one can be realize his constitutional position
  • Another point established in the verse is that meditation should be carried on with the chanting of mantras. Chanting of the Lord's name is the easiest process of meditation in this age of Kali. The chanter has to concentrate on hearing the vibration and without extra endeavor on his part he will experience transcendental revelations. explanation: Chanting of the Lord's(oversoul,supersoul, super consciousness). name is the easiest type of meditation. All on does is say the name and listen. No other endeavor is necessary.
  • One can explain, That is a different thing, but the fact that God created, that will remain. That you cannot change. Now how that creative process took place, that is explained in the Vedic literature: First of all , there was sky, then there was sound. explanation: The first creation was sky. Sky has sound within it. They were created almost simultaneously. That is why sound it is so powerful. When all ones senses are shut down , one can still hear. example, sleep
  • Chanting is nice in this Age. And this is practical yoga for this age. You cannot meditate. Your mind is so disturbed, you cannot concentrate your mind. Therefore chant, and by the sound vibration it will forcibly enter into your mind. explanation: It is hard to focus one's mind on a single point, but if one chants the sound vibration forcible enters the mind.
  • From sound there is air; from air there is fire; from fire there is water; from water there is earth. explanation: From sound comes air. Life depends on air. Therefore without sound there is no life. That explains the power of sound, of chanting.
  • In the Pantajali yoga system(astanga) yoga, it is said unless the senses are controlled, the mind will be flickering, go this way and that way. So the mind is the leader of all other senses. explanation: The mystic yoga system propounded by Pantajali consists of eight parts.Yama niyama,asana,pranayama,pratyahara,dharana,dyana. The mind is the leader of the senses and the mind is unbridled if the senses are not controlled.

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