Letters written to us about the Bhaktivedanta Mantra Meditation page
Dear Michael:
I am chanting "Om Hari Om; Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om" (= four beads of mala) for 108 x 10 . I began chanting it at three a.m. in the morning for severe asthma attacks, which it has greatly alleviated; now I am chanting at all hours and I love it. Lord Hari is not a feminine manifestation. Under this title, He is called the Remover. Here is part of what Alain Danielou has said about Him..."From the point of view of religion, Vishnu is Hari, "the Remover."In his commentary on the Kali-santarana Upanishad 2.1(215), Upanishad Brahmayogin explains this name, saying: "That which takes away ignorance and its effect is Hari, the Remover, who destroys the belief that things can exist in themselves, apart from him." Hari, the Remover, is also the remover of sorrow, the giver of consolation."... Anyway, that is what is said about this name. Originally, I got the mantra from the website of a woman who has a mantra page originating from Pune, India. If you get on-line and plug the mantra into a search engine, you may be able to find the website. I do not have a URL for it.
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Namaste', Donna H.

unsolicited letter from Mantra Meditation class antendee

Dear Shari,
Thank you for sending me the catalogue from the yoga supplier..I went by there last week and was able to get the tape and some interesting books.
I really enjoyed your class; I try to do the mantras at least 30 min each day. I hope to be able to take your summer Bhagavad-Gita class. Thanks again
Jackie,Crosby, Texas 4/97
: I agree with the comments in the page, it is time that all the people know about the benefits of the meditation. I practice the mantra meditation during the last twenty years.
Jorge Barrantes
Costa Rica, Central America
Steven Lemner,
Contact: SLem@Colint.com
Date: Thurs, Apr 03, 1997 at 12:52:02 (EST)
Comments: Being involved in martial arts, meditation is very
important to centering the whole self.Peace
Martin Huddleston
Date: Sat, Mar 08, 1997 at 15:38:09 (EST)
information that needs to be "played" with by all. I am currently
writing a paper for a undergrad psychology class on the benefits of
mantra meditation and how to employ this technique in Cognitive Therapy. I know it works but others are skeptical-you know!?
Moochan Kim
Location: Korea, a small nation in Far East
Contact: mocha@anyon.postech.ac.kr
Date: Sun, Mar 02, 1997 at 02:42:18 (EST)
Comments: Peace on EveryOne.
I'm interested in the beads I saw for sale used for counting mantra's. Please E-mail me w/ any information you have concerning this. I'd also like to make sure that paying in cash is permissible.
Dusty Birdsong
It was a pleasure to find a kindred spirit in the neighbourhood. May all who come here take away what they need to make their lives successful.
Gary Stevason
Toronto, Canada
Thank you for presenting mantra concepys in such a simple and unpretentious manner.

Ed Bettis
New Orleans
Please send me ordering information about the "audio chanting tape" thanks

New Jersey
Fascinating stuff, and very helpful to us stressed-out folks!
Nice page. I am considering becoming a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I am trying to get back into meditation also.
Ft. Worth, TX
i love your info..im giving a speech in school on the art of meditation. this site has really helped! thanx


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