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How to Meditate with Sound

Experience the Depths of the Lord's Name

Mantra Meditation, a proven method to improve the quality of your life

Try it for three weeks and see if there isn't a difference in


  • 1. choose the mantra you want to use:
  • 2. say it out loud so you can hear it
  • ( you can be sitting , walking or doing anything not dangerous.)
  • 3. repeat it , over and over
  • ( you can keep track of the number of times with beads)
  • 4. you can do this in your car while driving,walking or sitting in a chair at home
  • (don't keep track with beads while driving., just say the mantra over and over)
  • 5.for advanced mantra meditation, buy beads and chant for a certain numbers of times around the strand of beads.
  • ( the beads have a stop bead on them. chant all the way until you hit the stop bead. choose a certain number of times like 4, 8,12 or 16)
  • 6. just listen to the words. Let the sound enter you ears and do the work.
  • 7. it is ok if you have to:(like at work) to chant in your mind.

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