A Monument in front of St. John's Church Portico

(A Cross and Garden)

To The Glory Of God
"This Monument was erected by Parishioners and Friends of This Parish to commemorate those inscribed hereon who answered the call of King and Empire in the Geat War 1914-1919"
Te Deum Laudamus


Frederick G. Amey

William C. Dawes

Frederick L. Dawes

Dennis Dawes

Leslie Dawes

Cyril Dignum

Douglas A. McLeish

Kenneth Clendenning

Sidney S.J. Clendenning

Harry R. Elliot

Evans Donachue

Vernon Donachue

George S. Green

Sidney Lovejoy

Cyril L. Lovejoy

Eardley P. Lovejoy

Harold R. Lovejoy

Hubert Clarkson

Esmond Clarkson

Melville G. Coombes

William K. Coombes

Jack Bray

Charles P. Smith

Robert H. Smith

Herbert C. Smith

E. St. J. Hebberd

Frederick W. Smith

Samuel A. McLeod

James M. Pearston

Arthur Cress

Gordon H. Savory

Napier M. Shepherd

Ronald E. Richards

William W. Talbot

David C. Mackness

C.A. Ward

Hugh P. Gillespie

Eustace Taylor

Jack Taylor

Norman Taylor

Richard C.O. Neill

Henry Anderson-King I.M.D.

William D. Anderson-King M.B.C.M.

Henry Westrap

Ben Rennick

Henry Rennick

C.S.M. Edmund Norris R.E.

Thomas James Hitchcock

Aubrey Boreham

Owen R. Whitby

William W. Homer

Albert Homer

Cecil P. Pratt

Robin Ives

Thomas J. Spencer

Edwin R. Coultrup

Richard Webster

Edwin Ivatts

William N.P. Rule

Denis D.P. Rule

Percival T. Duckworth

Horace P. Edwards

F. Harry Sheridan

H. H. Hebberd

Edwin Duckworth

Eugene Duckworth

Edwin Holt

William H. Bailie

William M. Billie

Leslie M. Baillie

Theodore H. Morton

Harry D. Thrope

George C. Cronk

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