Ancient Hellenic Gallery


This page contains some of the most beautiful images of the Hellenic Pantheon, as well as some works of art. Click onto each thumbnail for a full-size picture.


Snake Goddess Dated around 1650 BC, this statue from vitrificated clay, was found at Knossos,

Crete. It pictures the Snake Goddess.

Aphrodite and Pan Beautiful statue of Aphrodite and Pan, found in the island of Milos, Hellas.

(Around 100BC).

Athena This copper statue of Athena is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful of her

statues! (4th century BC).

Kourotrophos This statue is called 'Kourotrophos' or 'She who feeds the child'. Clay eidolion

from the acropolis of Sesklos. Has red coloured writting. (4300 - 3800 BC).

Triptolemos blessed by Demeter and Kore Young King Triptolemos is ready to leave for his mission of teaching Humanity

the Mysteries of Agriculture. Mother Demeter on the left and Kore Persephone

on the right bless him.

Poseidon This copper statue of Poseidon (or Zeus?) was found in the sea, near Artemisio,


Zeus Thunderbearer Zeus Thunderbearer. Copper statue from Dodoni. Zeus, the King of the Gods,

holds his mighty thunder. (2nd half of 6th century BC).

Hermes and Dionysos This marble statue pictures Hermes holding the baby Dionysos. Found in

Olympia. (330 BC).

Meditating Athena This beautiful stele, pictures Athena meditating, leaning on her spear, and

was found in the Acropolis of Athens. (460 BC).

Apollo This beautiful copper statue of Apollo is full of Apollo's beauty, strength and

harmony. (6th century BC).

Athena in Gigantomachia Athena in 'Gigantomachia' (Battle of the Giants). Athena is here pictured holding

one of her snakes as a weapon - wand of death, ready to kill a Giant.

Artemis Ivory and Gold head of the Goddess Artemis. Was found in Delphi.

(6th century BC).

The Dove Goddess This clay eidolion is called 'The Dove Goddess'. It pictures the Great Mother

with doves on Her head. (Around 1300 BC).

Hermes This copper statue of Hermes was found at Marathon, Hellas.

(4th century BC).

Bull's head Bull's head, from silver and gold. (1550-1500 BC).
Sphinx This beautiful 2.32m white marble statue of a Sphinx was found in the Temple

of Gaia at Delphi. (6th century BC).

Thetis and Pileas This vessel pictures Goddess Thetis and Pileas. Notice the Snake ascending

Pileas's spine. ;-)

Phaisto's Disk The famous disk of Phaistos. The disk bears 45 symbols of Linear A script.

(1700-1600 BC).

Omphalos This is the famous Omphalos at the Temple of Apollo, at Delphi.
The Charioteer This marvelous copper statue of "The Charioteer" is the finest specimen of

sculpure on copper. (480-470 BC).

Agamemnon Sleman's Agamemnon. King Agamemnon's golden funeral mask from Mycenae.

(Around 1500 BC).

Golden compass Gold Hexagonal compass. Bears images of a hunt, with a lion, an antilope and

many flowers.

Golden larnax This golden larnax held the remains of King Philippos B of Macedonia, and was

found at Vergina, Macedonia, Hellas.

Oak garland This beautiful golden oak garland was found at Vergina, Macedonia, Hellas and

is dated back to the second half of 4th century BC.



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