The Treasury

The clearance of the treasury yielded in excess of 500 major pieces, the robbers had been here too, but this time leaving the room in an orderly manner, it seemed to Carter that the robbers had known what to take and what to leave this time.  The entrance was dominated by an image of Anubis, the lord of the west.

'...a low door, eastwards from the sepulchral chamber, gave entrance to yet another chamber, smaller than the outer ones and not so lofty.  This doorway, unlike the others, had not been closed and sealed...a single glance sufficed to tell us that here, within this little chamber, lay the greatest treasures of the tomb.  Facing the doorway, on the farther side, stood the most beautiful monument that i have ever seen(the canopic shrine)-so lovely that it it made one gasp with wonder and admiration...

'Immediately in front of the entrance lay the figure of the jackal god Anubis, upon his shrine, swathed in linen cloth, and resting upon a portable sled, and behind this the head of a bull upon a stand-emblems, these, of the underworld.  In the south side of the chamber lay an endless number of black shrines and chests, all closed and sealed save one, whose open doors revealed statues of Tut,ankh.Amen standing upon black leopards.  On the further wall were more shrine-shaped boxes and miniature coffins of gilded wood...In the centre of the roon, left of the Anubis and the bull, there was a row of magnificent caskets of ivory and wood, decorated and inlaid with gold and blue faience, one, whose lid we raised, containing a gorgeous ostrich-feather fan with ivory handle, fresh and strong to all appearance as when it left the maker's hand.  There were also, distributed in different quarters of the chamber, a number of model boats with sails and rigging all complete, and, at the north side, yet another chariot

'Such, from a hurried survey, were the contents of the innermost chamber...' -Howard Carter


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