Commercial Street, Bangalore

A visit to Commercial Street, Bangalore, A stroll from West to East. Starting from Old Poor House and ending on Cavalry Road.

Commercial Street, a stroll from West to East

A very few of the buildings have their original "tops" left. Most of them are pulled down to make room for a more compressed shopping space. An old building always has that warmth of beckoning one in, compared to the new structures which are so cold and precise and uncomfortable to move around within. Commercial Street is definately one of the oldest areas in the Cantonment area, but is becoming very congested with shops being split in many levels to increase the shopping spots. There is at present a rule that does not allow parking on the road, but you can see some of the cars still parked on the road, and nobody dares to ask them to park in the lots which have been prepared on Cavalry Road on either side when approaching from Cubbon - Raj Bhavan Road

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