The Cantonment - Richard's Town Part 2

A Collection of all the Photographs on " India Hello, Bangalore Walla Namaskara!" - Part XXX

One of the few places in Bangalore that has retained or should we say the only place that one can find the atmosphere of the surrounding houses retaining the serenity and peacefulness of the 'Good Old Days', and an air of 'Pensioner's Paradise' in looks, though I say that no pensioners can afford to live here due to the land value. It's strange, that people pay so much for the atmosphere and surroundings, and at once demolish the same by building flats on the land, disharmony sets in! Afterall what was Bangalore famous for, are we preserving that famous thought? I have appealed for your attention!

The Circle at the Junction of Viviani Road

View of a house facing the circle Another view of the same house

A house near Armstrong Road one view Another view
Through the gate to an identical house across the road

A house near Holy Ghost Church one view. The flooring in the hall is beautiful. The roof designs of the same house
A view of the back of the house

A view of the corner house facing the Park
View of the beautiful house Another view of the same house

Some more Photographs of Richard's Town

This Page is dedicated to my friend Bunty and the Residents of Richards Town who were so happy to share their houses with you all by allowing me to photograph them. Thanks to all the families, and hope they get the required funds to restore their beautiful Park, which is being looked after by the Richards Town Residents' Association (RTRA), 20 Clarke Road, Richard Town, Bangalore 560 084, the Secretary is Pradeep Sinnas at 091 80 9624 209156 or 091 80 5474227.

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