The Nine-fold Cross


1. Stand in the Sign of Silence, finger on lip.

2. Take a deep breath, exhale with force, shooting the finger round and up above the head, bellowing :

Εκάς Εκάς Εστε Βέβελοι (Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi - Eh-kah-s Eh-kah-s Eh-steh Veh-veh-lee)

3. Look ahead, bring finger down above the head and trace a line all the way down to touch the point between the genitals and the anus, and say :

Αδης (Ah-dees - Hades)

4. Retrace line and touch the top of the head and say :

Νύξ (Nyx)

5. Touch the forehead, say :

Ιακχος (Iacchus - Ee-ak-ho-s)

6. Touch the navel and say :

Ερμής (Hermes - Er-mees)

7. Touch the throat, say :

Θέμις (Themis - Theh-mees)

8. Touch the stomach, say :

Αφρόδιτα (Aphrodite - Ah-froh-dee-tee)

9. Touch the breast, say :

Δαίμονας (Daemona - Deh-moh-nah-s)

10. Touch right shoulder, say :

Αγάπη (Agape - Ah-gah-pee)

11. Crossing over to left shoulder, say :

υπό (ypo - ee-poh)

12. Touch left shoulder, say :

Θέλημα (Thelema - Theh-lee-mah)

13. Place right hand in the Sign of Enlightenment --- cross index finger with forefinger, holding down third and little finger with thumb --- bring to breast, push hand out and up, while vibrating:

F.I.A.O.F. (Oo-ee-ah-oo)