Documents and Papers 

about the Mystical Order of the Threskian tradition  AGAPE PROPHET HOUSE

The Nymphs Still Dance on Mount Olympus - excerpt and photographs from an article in a Greek newspaper about the celebration of ancient Greek rites on Mount Olympus 

Babalon - a discussion : the association of Babalon in Ancient Greece

  The History of a Forgotten People - poetical history of the tribe Kabiri 

The Star of Nyx - An article by E. Rigakis describing and assigning the Star of Nyx as the Symbol of Threskia

Meandros - the symbol of the Ancient Hellenic Traditions

Selected Poems - a selection of Threskian poetry

Hellenic Neo-Paganism - out of all the many wonderful articles written by our brother Apollonius, we enjoyed this article so much that we include it on our articles list.

Agia Kore The Modern Greek Demeter and Persephone by Elena Vlahu Scott

The Descent into Hades - by Ted G. Davy

Dionysos - Myth and Ritual in Sources of the Archaic Period by Dr. Menahem Luz