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Stele # 363




Deeply draw in your breath, filling the lungs completely, press the index finger of the left hand to lips. Taking a step forward with the left foot, exhale strongly, shouting :

Απο Παντα Κακοδαιμονες

(Ah-poh Pan-tah Kah-koh-deh-moh-nes)

Be gone from everywhere evil spirits


Clap, or knock the following raps : 2 - 6 - 2, raise an authoritative voice, saying:

Εκας Εκας Εστι Βεβηλοι

(Eh-kas Eh-kas Eh-stee Veh-vee-lee)

Away ! Away all ye barbarians !


Give the Mystic Cross :

Touch forehead, vibrate : OM (Oh-m)

Touch genitals, vibrate: ΦΑΛΟΣ (Fah-loh-s)

Touch right shoulder, vibrate: ΤΕΤΡΑ (Teh-trah)

Touch left shoulder, vibrate: ΚΤΥΣ (Ktees)

Touch breast, vibrate: ΙΑΚΧΟΣ (Ee-ahk-hos)


Holding weapon or right hand over the center of breast, very seriously and clearly say :

Ευφαμείτω πας αιθηρ,

( Ev-fah-mee-toh pah-s eh-theer )

Let all things be silent, the aethyr,

γή καί πόντος καί πνοαϊ,

( gah keh poh-n keh pnoh-ah-ee )

earth and water and air,

ούρεα τέμπεα σιγάτω,

( Oo-reh-ah teh-beh-ah see-gah-toh )

let the mountains themselves be silent

ήχοι φθόγγοι τ'ορνίθων

( eh-hee fthoh-gee tohr-nee-thoh-n )

the sound and voices of the birds

Facing the East, with tip of weapon or finger of right hand, trace a pentagram on forehead (in the same direction as is done in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram). Visualize the pentagram red in colour, touch the forehead with weapon or finger, fling hand out forward, visulaizing the pentagram projecting forward, and vibrate :

Ιακχος (Ee-ahk-hos) Iacchus

Repeat again, but face the South and vibrate :

Αδης ( Ah-dees ) Hades

Repeat but face the West and vibrate :

Δημητρα ( Dee-mee-trah ) Demetra

Repeat but face the North and vibrate :

Κορη ( Koh-ree ) Kore


Face the East and give the sign of silence (hold index finger on lip).


Go to the eastern side of the altar, point to the center of the altar and vibrate :

Ε ( Eh )

Go to the north-western side of the altar, point to the center of the altar and vibrate :

ΣΤΙ ( stee )

Go to the south-western side of the altar, point to the center of the altar and vibrate :

Α ( ah )

At the altar, facing the east, hand over heart, say :

Εστία ! τάδ' ιερά δέξαι προθύμως, όλβον επιπνείουσα καί ηπιόχειρ υγίειαν

( Eh-stee-ah ! tah-dee-eh-rah deh-kseh proh-thee-moh-s, ohl-voh-n eh-pee-pnee-oo-sah keh ee-pee-oh-heer ee-gee-ee-ah-n )

Hestia ! accept these offerings and breathe happiness and health into these dwellings

Clap or knock again the raps at the opening of the ritual : 2 - 6 - 2