Demetra, Persephone, Triptolemos


Kabirian Celebration

The style of this calendar is centered round the common solar calendar dates but numbered differently. The first day of the first month is counted from March 21, and each month is considered a Moon. Each 21st of the month is then counted as the first day in the next month. As such then the common calendar is counted as :

This format was incorporated for dating   mystickal diary entries and records of mystickal workings. This system of dating was enjoyed by many individuals, who in turn incorporated this system in their own diaries and records. In 1993 e.v. I took into a mystikal working of experiments with the horned child-god Bakchos, during which the dating was found to resemble the calendar of the ancient Greek Ctiy-State of Makedonia. In this Bakchic Working, the dating system of the moons was tailored to the Hellenic traditions. The moons were named with the Hellenic titles from Makedonia and each day associated to a Hellenic deity. The result was more than satisfactory and this Hellenic styled calendar became the Threskian Calendar :

The Moons :

1st Moon = Zeus

2nd Moon = Hera

3rd Moon = Artemis

4th Moon = Hephaistos

5th Moon = Apollo

6th Moon = Aphrodite

7th Moon = Demetra

8th Moon = Athena

9th Moon = Ares

10th Moon = Hermes

11th Moon = Dionysos

12th Moon = Poseidon


In the calendar you will also find some festive days, the days in Green are the only common dates that all Houses of the Threskian tradition share. The days in Blue are dates that are common to some houses but not all. The rest of the festive days are determined by the tradition each House follows.

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