The Mystic Cross


Touch forehead vibrate : OM [ Om ]
Touch Genitals and vibrate : ΦΑΛΟΣ [ Phalos - Pha-loh-s]
Touch right shoulder and vibrate : ΤΕΤΡΑ [ Tetra]
Touch left shoulder and vibrate : ΚΤΥΣ [ Ktys - Ktees]
Touch breast and vibrate : ΙΑΚΧΟΣ [ Iakchos - Ee-ak-ho-s]



Om, Phalos, Tetra and Ktys are two words. The vertical bar of the cross bares the word Omphalos which means navel and is used to imply the center (of a thing). It is a good word to describe Hadit from the Book of the Law. The horizontal bar bares the word Tetraktys is the Pythagorean expression of the manifestation of all things. As we have it the vertical bar is the phallus, the masculine element, that pierces the kteis, the feminine element. In such a manner we understand many truths which can be surmized in the phrase of the Book of the Law... "Had! the manifestation of Nuit." In their union, at the point where the bars cross, the child is born. We are all their children, and for this reason we touch this point and vibrate Iakchos, which is another word for Daemona. For this reason Iakchos should be replaced by the initiate's own logos (name of Daemona), if such is possible.