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Father of the Hellenic Mystery Tradition

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These invocations are usually called "The Hymns of Orpheas" but these are not exactly hymns. The word hymn denotes a song of praise, in the worhsip of the deity it is dedicated too. But these hymns are not written so much for praise, rather they call upon the powers. The neoplatonist Thomas Taylor called them the Orphic Initiations and considered them invocations as well. Reading them, it is easy to understand how they are invocations rather than hymns.

The Invocations are very important works for the Threskian initiate, as they reveal many formulae in the Mystery tradition. It was from these same invocations that the Threskian Tradition first began, as it was within their verses that elements of Thelema were found. There are presently 94 invocations in all that have survived, though here we will post a selected few, mainly those invocations baring elements of Thelema. These elements are plainly visible and should be easily recognized by any good Thelemite.

The invocations are given in the ancient  language in Hellenic characters, followed by it's pronounciation in phonetics and it's English translation. Netscape is recommended for these invocation pages.There have been reports that the Greek characters were not coming out, as of Mar. 25 1999e.v. I have since corrected the error.

Translated into English by Evangelos Rigakis. These translations are subject to copyright laws. All rights reserved by E. Rigakis & OMI 1994e.v.


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sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. # 1 - To Hekate


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. #3 - To Nyx


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. # 6 - To Protogonos


sun.gif (12105 bytes)  Or.Scr. # 7 - To the Stars


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. # 18 - To Hades


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. # 29 - To Persephone


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. # 40 - To Demetra


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. #45 - To Dionysos


sun.gif (12105 bytes) Or.Scr. # 64 - To the Law


  sun.gif (12105 bytes)Or.Scr. # 73 - To Daemona


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