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These rituals have been posted here by kind permission of the Order of Threskia and are subject to copyright laws. All rights reserved. E. Rigakis 1987e.v.

Please note: you will need to set your browser to read Greek for these pages, if you don't have Greek fonts please click here to go and download the fonts.

It is important when speaking Greek to pronounce the words correctly. Each word is accented on a certain letter, if the accent is changed to another letter, this will either change the meaning of the word or render it without a meaning. We have left the Greek characters to Greek names so that one may see where the word is accented. The Greek is transliterated in English but this does not give a correct way to pronounce the word and for that reason we give the names in phonetics as well..



Calling of the Roots 

The Signs of the Star The Threskian L.B.R.P.
The Mystic Cross The Mysteries of the Sacred Flame

The Threskian L.B.R.H.

The Ninefold Cross

Threskian Banishing Ritual   Orphic Invocations



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