The Signs of the Star

1. Place the feet shoulder-width apart, head halfway raised, raise, straight out, palms facing
down, to be 45
degrees with the length of the body and say :

The Sign of the Man of Earth

2. As is, raise arms, palms up, to be 45 degrees with the head, and say:

The Sign of the Lover

3. Head raised to look at hands, bring palms together, fingers straight and say:

The Sign of the Hermit

4. Take a deep breath. While inhaling, draw the praying hands down to breast, following the hands with your eyes , head slowly lowering and intone :

Ιακχος (Iakchos - Ee-ak-ho-s)

5. Head lowered, looking at the praying hands, exhale saying :

Δαίμονας (Daimonas - Deh-moh-nah-s)

Note : The word Δαίμονας is used until the frator discovers his/her own logos or name for the Inner Self.