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The Kids of 3B have read more than 2500 books so far this year!!!  GREAT WORK FOLKS!!
June 6, 1999

Well, this is it - the last web page update of the year. Looking back, I must say that I did not keep this as updated as I had wished! But I think that it was helpful for the few of you that actually read it. Well, interesting anyway...

We had a great year and as we wind down I would just like to thank the kids for being so wonderful this year. They have made my last year at Lorne Skuce very special. I wish them all success in their future schooling!

Final activities for the year include swimming lessons, track and field, Hyperstudio projects, cleaning those desks, and report cards :-)  The next 17 days will just fly!

Have a wonderful summer Grade 3's!!

Your Friend,

*Running shoes MUST be worn for gym
*Swimming lessons at White Oaks on June 8, 10, 15, 17, 18, 22, and 24.
*Track meet June 8 in the morning.
*Last Day of School: June 29th