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  Now, honestly, what kind of an Armageddon could one have without oodles of awe-inspiring imagery? Over the centuries, the mental construct of ultimate doom looming over the world like a cosmic cartoon anvil has fired the fevered imaginations of countless artists. Images both serious and satiric, terrifying, tantalizing or taunting have been created by the crate-full. Some have even struck such a resonating chord, they’ve become part of the general cultural consciousness. This museum is a kind of “celebration” of two millennia of apocalyptic eye-candy. The following pages by no means contain a comprehensive collection. (For one thing, I’ve only got just so many megs of space to splurge) Consider it instead, merely a choice sampling of the genre.

  If the museum is missing a particular fave of yours or an artwork you otherwise consider essential to the collection, please let me know. I’m still looking for non-western apocalyptic objets d’art and comic book doom doodlings, as well. The apocalypse in question need not be religious, but it ought to be global. Images of small-scale, generic unpleasantness just won’t cut it, I'm afraid.

  So, go ahead and tour the exhibit. Make sure you’ve got your comfy shoes on, be grateful you don’t have to deal with parking, tourists, groups of screaming schoolkids and really awful museum food, and enjoy!

  (Note: The majority of the pictures on display within this gallery are in the public domain. The rest are the property of the artists/publishing companies/news services etc. credited for them. The purpose of this museum is solely for education and entertainment and is not meant to infringe on any copyrights held by any persons/companies whose work is displayed herein.)

Gallery 1
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Saint Michael Locking The Damned In Hell “Saint Michael Locking The Damned In Hell”, artist unknown, approx. 11th century
Bayeux Tapestry “Bayeux Tapestry”, commisioned by Bishop Odo, artist unknown, approx. 1077
Last Judgment “Last Judgment”, artist unknown, Abbey of St. Foy in Conques, 1124-1135
The Weighing Of Souls “The Weighing Of Souls”, from Last Judgment, by Gislebertus, 1130-1140
The Last Judgment “The Last Judgment” (detail), by Giotto di Bondone, 1305-1313
The Elect And The Damned “The Elect And The Damned” from “Last Judgment”, by Lorenzo Maitani, 1310-1330
The Harrowing Of Hell “The Harrowing Of Hell”, artist unknown, illuminated manuscript, circa 14th century
Satan Confined To Hell “Satan Confined To Hell”, by Pacino di Bonaguida, 1330
The Flagellants “The Flagellants”, 14th century manuscript, artist unknown
Last Judgment “Last Judgment” from “The Book of Hours”, by the Limbourg Brothers, commissioned by the Duc de Berry, 1413-1416

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